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Treating my cancer through bone marrow transplant.

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Medical student looking for financial aid of 30 L towards his life saving bone marrow transplant procedure.


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Subham Mukherjee

About the Fundraiser

   I am Subham Mukherjee,a medical student from West Bengal, India. I am 21 years old, a 3rd year student of  Burdwan Medical College, and I've wanted to be a doctor and help people since I was a kid. However, it's your help that I need now.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Early Pre-T Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I've been undergoing treatment for it since February 2016, a gruelling regimen that has lasted for years. I'm proud to say that I passed both my medical board exams on my first attempt, with flying colours, never stopping to worry about my disease.

Good things were on the horizon, before the diagnosis of my relapse a week ago. A relapse of ALL is a serious case, especially if it occurs during therapy. Bone Marrow Transplant Therapy is my only chance at recovery, but it comes at a steep cost of Rs 30,00,000(30lacs), which is beyond my means. This estimate has been given by the doctors at Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata , where I was undergoing treatment.

I refuse to give up without a fight, though, which is why I request your help. Please donate and help me beat this cancer, and fulfill my dream of being a doctor and helping others with their struggles.

Please join me in my fight and help me put cancer down!

Do feel free to contact me on 9475335040 for any queries or to offer a word of advice .


Supporting Documents

  • One Down

    by Subham Mukherjee on April, 04 2018



    It's been slightly more than a couple of weeks since I was admitted to the hospital. An overwhelming mixture of positivity, support and love interpersed with few instances of pain and despair. All this in one chemo cycle.I have been discharged for now, next admission is on 10th of this month. I'm all good and everything. It's a little battle won, and I feel quite positive of this war.

    Now that I've jumped into this sea, the other side ain't that far.

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  • Treatment Update

    by Subham Mukherjee on March, 22 2018



    Greetings to all the supporters,

    Started my chemotherapy. Doing quite good. Thanks a lot for being so awesome and supporting me

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