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My 55km walk to help raise funds for Ummeed

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India has over 50 million children with, or at the risk of, developmental disabilities. Developmental disabilities can range from obvious conditions such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, to subtle ones such as learning disabilities and autism. Whether obvious or subtle, the child struggles to adapt at home, in the school or even with friends, and is often not able to articulate the daily challenges he or she faces. Early and skilled intervention tremendously helps such children adapt to their environment. Poverty related risk factors such as lack of stimulation, malnutrition and anemia are well-known to increase the risk of developmental disabilities. Thus, there is a crucial need to reach out early and wide.

Ummeed, meaning ‘hope’, was set up in 2001 to help children with, or at risk of, developmental disabilities reach their full potential and be included in society. The Ummeed clinical facility provides diagnosis and therapy services to children and families. No child or family is ever turned down from help at Ummeed. Ummeed’s training services help create skilled resources in the community (ranging from doctors to therapists to community workers to teachers) as local resources that children and their families can leverage.

Each January, Ummeed organizes the 55 Km Walk for UMMEED on the beaches of South Goa (this time, on January 13, 2018). The idea is to get together a bunch of enthusiastic and engaged people who can help spread awareness about the cause of developmental disabilities and can help raise funds for Ummeed in support of their Walk. I am participating in this Walk and have taken a personal target of raising INR 2,00,000 (About USD 3200/ GBP 2400) for Ummeed so that Ummeed can help a greater number of children with and at the risk of developmental disabilities.

Why should you support me? Unfortunately in India, only a handful of organizations offer services to children with developmental disabilities. This is primarily due to lack of resources and ignorance. As a not-for-profit organization, Ummeed relies on the generosity of individuals to do more of what they do, and to go beyond. I have taken a personal challenge to not only Walk up to 55 Km, but also to help Ummeed raise this money.

How will Ummeed use your donation? Over 65% of Ummeed's therapy sessions are for children from low and middle income families. Your contribution will help fund these sessions.
What do you get in return? The joy of making a substantial difference in the quality of life for a child with a developmental disability! The satisfaction of contributing to a cause that is not a typically “popular” one! A tax exemption receipt (India and USA)! And of course, the joy of helping me reach my goal ☺! If you decide to make a contribution, do also talk to your friends about my campaign and help me raise more funds.

About Ummeed: Ummeed is considered a center-of-excellence in the field of child development and developmental disabilities. Ummeed’s in-house team includes passionate and committed developmental pediatricians, autism intervention specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, mental health professionals, special educators, social workers and others (over 80 in all). Through its clinical facility located in Lower Parel, Mumbai, the Ummeed team provides direct clinical services to over 1,100 children each year through over 7,000 sessions. Since inception, Ummeed has supported over 11,000 children through over 70,000 clinical sessions (diagnosis ranging from autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, learning disability, ADHD, and disorders in the speech, motor co-ordination, behavioural and emotional spectrum). Family-centred care is at the core of Ummeed’s therapeutic approach, i.e., the goal of interventions is not just to help the child, but also to help families feel empowered to help their little ones, determine resources for their child and take decisions for their child. Ummeed is also a key trainer for professionals, parents, community health workers, teachers and others across the country, undertakes research relevant to the field of child development and disability and is an active voice in advocating for children with disabilities in India. 

Ummeed’s key program collaborators (alphabetical): Action for Autism (AFA), Ankara University, Antarang Foundation, Boston Children’s Hospital, Forbes Marshall, Forum for Autism (AFA), Handimachal Therapy Unit Kullu, Indian Institute for Cerebral Palsy (IICP) Kolkata, Jai Vakeel Foundation, Latika Roy Foundation (LRF), Mental Health Foundation Kolkata, Muktangan Schools, Narrative Practices Adelaide, Sahyog Chehak Trust, Setco Foundation, Sethu Centre For Child Development and Family Guidance, Tara Mobile Creches, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, The Akanksha Foundation, The Bombay International School, Yale University - Dept of Pediatrics

Ummeed’s key funding partners (alphabetical): APL India, Australian Consulate General, Axis Bank Foundation, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, Bajaj Finance, BigTree Entertainment, C-Edge Technologies, Cipla Foundation, Deutsche Bank, HT Parekh Foundation, J M Financial Foundation, McKinsey and Co., Morris Foundation, Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Oracle, Reliance Foundation, Tata Housing

Ummeed’s certifications: Give India, Charities Aid Foundation – India, Charities Aid Foundation – USA, Charities Aid Foundation – UK, Silicon Valley Foundation – USA, Boston Foundation – USA


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