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Breaking the Silence on Mental Health in India-

Mental Health is an issue we cannot afford to ignore. So many find it difficult to talk about their problems and choose to battle them alone. Together with Mental Health Foundation of India (MHFI) and KETTO, UM Motorcycles has launched an initiative encouraging Indians to open-up and talk about their problems. Helping change the conversation around mental health for the better.

Addressing Concerns on Mental Health in India-

According to research, having a chat facing the same way as someone makes people more honest and open to discussing their feelings. Considering over a million journeys are made on automobiles daily, this led us to that idea that UM Motorcycles can provide a space for countless Indians to talk about mental health, on World Motorcycle Day.

UM Motorcycles led ‘World Motorcycle Day’ campaign, which tackles the sometimes-awkward subject of mental health head on, will be promoted nationwide from a Live Event that will be held and hosted by UM India on 23rd June in New Delhi and promotions on Social Media will be supported by key PR initiatives.

As part of the initiative, our 1200 strong UM ROAR Community Members in India, have also teamed up with KETTO and taken the pledge to raise funds to be given to the Mental Health Foundation of India at the 1st July Event in New Delhi. An act that shows our commitment to ensure that every Indian will receive the support and training they need, so that no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

UM Motorcycle World Motorcycle Day Event -

UM Motorcycles want to reach out to the society on World Motorcycle Day, create a platform for mental health awareness on 1st July where you come together and talk about various mental issues because there is no shame in taking care of your mental health.

UM Motorcycles will be the first motorcycle brand in the country to take the initiative and promote mental health awareness. Motorcycle riding promotes healthy brain development; some reports also suggest that motorcycling helps to keep the brain functioning at a peak level. Why is it so? Riding a motorcycle pushes you to stay alert at all times and to multi- task. This helps people develop their cognitive skills at peak performance. For example, since motorcycle riders must watch out for many other dangers and to avoid potential hazards around them, they must process information quickly and respond accordingly.

Since the entire campaign idea is to promote mental health awareness we thought it would be best to establish a collaborative partnership with the best medical experts whose forte is to understand and address issues on Mental Health. We requested Mental Health Foundation of India to get some of the best experts on board for the event.

Mental Health Foundation of India has humbly agreed to get some of their best counsellors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists for the 1st July New Delhi Event and help with:

  1. Panel Discussion on the topic.
  2. One on one session with the audience.
  3. Experts will also talk about how pursuing one’s hobbies elevate the mood and help to battle any kind of mood disorder.

How to Help-

UM Motorcycles and Mental Health Foundation of India have come together to create five ‘top tips’ as a starting point to help people across India to spot the signs and offer the necessary support.

• Text/Call Reach out – start small
• Find a good time and place
• Go for a coffee
• Ask how they are – listen without judging
• Treat them the same

Further Queries:

For any further queries on the pledge or the event, please feel free to reach-

i. Sushant Dhar, Marketing Lead.

  Cell Number- 9871400588

  E-Mail- sushant.dhar@uml.co.in


ii. Firdaus Shaikh, Senior Brand Manager.

   Cell Number- 7290067905

   E-mail- firdaus.shaikh@uml.co.in


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