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About Myself

Hello Folks, I am Vijayshekhar Nerva. I am just the regular guy who you would find in your classroom. Making noise, talking a lot and average last bencher in the final year of his Bachelors degree, thinking about what he wants to do in life.
I love travelling, something that I have inherited from my dad. I have been to over 24 countries, back packed in some and worked in 2 and run races in some as well. I love running, cycling and hiking. I cannot imagine my day without my cycle. Let it be Exam time or weekends, you will always see me with my cycle when the city sleeps. I watch football and ice hockey. I support Arsenal and my favorite ice-hockey player in Jaromir Jagr. I like teaching too, I have taught underprivileged as well as privileged children in the Czech Republic and by far it is the most satisfying experience i have had.

My Story

I lost my father  to cancer in December 2013. It was so sudden that I got to see him only once before he passed away. He had been a Sports man all his life. He played basketball for the Indian National Team when he was young.He was an excellent role model for any teenager and a very humble employer.

Just minutes before he passed away, he started mumbling things of his past, perhaps it was his sub-conscious mind that was acting in his last moments. He was saying , in his broken voice, how he wanted me and my brother to become sportsmen, me a Cricketer and my brother a tennis player. I always knew that, since he used to keep telling me this when I was young. That moment I realized how much it actually meant to him. He passed away on 4th December 2013.
That very moment I decided, I would be the sportsman he always wanted me to be. I started cycling and running, without missing even a single day of training. I started eating fresh and healthy. In about 6 months I lost 40 kilograms. I ran 3 international full marathons, the first International one being Volkswagen Prague International Full Marathon in May2014 and also a Spartan race. I have been training hard ever since. My next step is the 4 Deserts Gobi March in June 2015. I want to raise awareness against Cancer and would like to do it in a way that represents what my father always wanted from his son.

The Funds

The Estimated expenditure for the entire race is about 5400$ (3600$ for registration 600$ for flight tickets and 1200$ for proper quality equipment), I have me covering a part of it, but the rest really lies in the hands of people like you. Even the smallest of contributions can make a huge impact on the overall total. Every dollar counts. If there is any extra amount collected, it would most certainly go towards, Awareness of Cancer because i believe awareness is equally important as treatment. I might not be the best runner out there, but I can assure you that it will be the best 250 kilometers my legs can run for a cause.

Thank you.

Vijayshekhar Nerva

For more details on my campaign email me at


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