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Help Needy Meritorious Students Get Tablets

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Along with scholarship, we teach English to our students with tablets through Abheda English & English CourseTutor





Abheda Foundation
  • Tablets for the students are being procured

    by Abheda Foundation on January, 12 2018




    With your generous support, we decide to go ahead with the program. As the first step, we are zeroing in on the model of the tablets. It has to have 1GB RAM as our new kid on block English Course requires that. So our first choice is iBall slide Twinkle i5, which is pocket friendly, yet suits the requirements. Some other option from Datawind is also looked into. Stay patient please. We wish to launch the program in Feb-March 2018. 

    In the mean time, we request you to forward this campaign to willing people so that we meet our target in full .

    Thanks again,

    Abheda Team

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About the Fundraiser

Serving the Deserving - The Abheda Way

You love your child. Love begets care. You care for your child. Care kindles education, health, mindset, security. And you empathize. You feel for society. There are myriads waiting. They are your children only. They have challenges. You join hands with us. Together we rid them of the challenges. Not in full, to the best of our ability.



What are the challenges? Education tops the list. Are there enough classrooms? May be. Surely there is need for more. Are there enough teachers? No. Are there enough good teachers? NO. Aren't there too many first  generation learners? Yes. Are contents ready for them? Hmm, perhaps no. You reckon, this sums up the scenario, You think then, what to do? 


Digital education is a way forward. Attractive contents, effective contents, interactive contents is our drive. We invent them. Ah, you may click to install Abheda English, English CourseTutor, our free and comprehensive apps. And we deliver. We build schools. We give scholarship, the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship. Needy meritorious rural students receive it, 55 of them. Surely money is not all. We think for our students. We stand beside their ups and downs. We care for their health .  We shape their career paths. So we give them tablets. We teach them English. English is the best leveler. We all know that. But have they really learnt? Better see for yourself. Here is the Self-learning Project for Abheda Students.


Can you make a difference? You can. We plan to extend the scholarship, this year. We need tablets. You can sponsor tablets. Do consider contributing:

  • 1 tablet for Rs 5000
  • 2 tablets for Rs 10,000
  • 3 tablets for Rs 15,000
  • 5 tablets for Rs 25,000
  • 25 tablets for Rs 1,25,000





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    This campaign has ended!

    Sponsor a Tablet for 1 child

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    Estimated Delivery: Feb 2018

    This campaign has ended!

    Sponsor Tablets for 2 children

    Estimated Delivery: Feb 2018

    This campaign has ended!

    Sponsor Tablets for 3 children

    Estimated Delivery: Feb 2018

    This campaign has ended!

    Sponsor Tablets for 5 children

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    Estimated Delivery: Feb 2018

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