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This is to raise funds for the only Indian sailor out of five worldwide, to be invited for the Golden Globe Race 2018.

The legendary race is a round the world, solo, non stop race that allows no modern technology or satellite based navigation aids.


This is  Cdr Abhilash Tomy, KC, KC and I am the first Indian and 79th person in the world to have completed a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the earth. This happened in 2012-13 onboard the iconic Mhadei. I had set off from the Gateway of India at Mumbai and returned to the same point after a gap of 151 solitary days at sea, sailing south of the Great Capes of the Southern Hemisphere, through the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, without stopping anywhere, and without any aid or replenishment en route. At the end of the voyage, the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee himself flew down to Mumbai to give me a reception. To quote him, he said - I am sure that this achievement of Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy will continue to be a source of inspiration for future generations of young seafarers. His epic voyage has placed our nation into the ranks of a few select countries whose citizens have been successful and less than 100 individuals in braving such an arduous voyage.


For this, I was awarded the Kirti ChakraTenzing Norgay National Adventure Award and Mac Gregor Medal among others. 

However, the dream doesn't end here. Almost 50 years ago, a race called the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was held which created the record of the first human to circumnavigate the earth solo and non-stop. His name is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and he had built his trusted Suhaili in India before taking her to the race. He was the only one out of the nine who set out from all over the world to finish the race. The tales of this race are ones out of legends, marking the onset of the ‘Golden Age’ of solo sailing. One of the toughest feats to achieve, till date. 

This anniversary edition of the Golden Globe Race is a celebration of the original event, the winner, his boat and that significant world-first achievement. Competitors in this race will be sailing simple boats using basic equipment. The challenge is pure and raw, placing adventure ahead of winning at all costs. It is for ‘those who dare’, just as it was for Sir Robin. They will be navigating with sextants on paper charts, without electronic instruments or autopilots. They will hand-write their logs and determine the weather for themselves. Only occasionally will they talk to loved ones and the outside world when long-range high frequency and ham radios allow.

I consider myself immensely privileged to be accorded a special invitation (and that does mean a lot) to what is going to be the most dramatic and talked about races of the decade- Golden Globe Race 2018 - a round the world, solo, non stop, unassisted race through four oceans, 57,000 kms (yes! Fifty Seven Thousand Kilometer long race course!) for a duration of 10 months.

However, it is a challenging road ahead from here.


I need funding to build a boat, sail her to the start line which is almost 18000 nautical miles from India, camp there for almost a month with my team, manage insurances, training, courses etc and get the boat refitted, and then sail around the world alone and without stops. The race will last almost 300 days and I need to stock up for that long since no assistance can be taken once you start!


Here is a picture of the William Atkins Eric 32 design, a replica of the Suhaili, which I am building to commemorate the winner Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in the first Golden Globe Race. I have commissioned the trusted and famous Aquarius Shipyard based in Goa, to build the boat for me. 

To take part in the race, I need about 7.5 Crore rupees. At the moment I am looking for sponsorship, which might or might not happen, but to keep the campaign alive I have dropped the figure to a mere 1.5 Cr Rupees.

I have turned to crowdfunding to source this amount because I feel that this is a story that would resonate with the philosophies of the spartan adventurer in each one of us. 

This is an earnest appeal to all friends, adventures and sailing enthusiasts to support my quest wholeheartedly. 

I believe that a lot can be achieved with very little. This philosophy has held me in good stead in the last circumnavigation and that is what I would carry to the next race too.  

Here is a video of my last expedition and this is what I would be expecting in the next.

Thank you!


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  • Launch of "Thuria"

    by Abhilash on August, 10 2017



    As we launched the Thuria on 07 Aug at the Aquarius Shipyard, I remembered the contributions of all those who came on Ketto to donate for the project. 

    She has been named Thuria, a name derived from Indian philosophies, after the "fourth state of consciousness which underlies the wakeful, sleep and dream state of consciousness". 

    We should be fitting out her mast soon, and once that happens we begin her sea trials. Everyone is welcome to have a look at her in Goa.

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  • Invite! to the launch of "Thuriya" on 07 August

    by Abhilash on July, 29 2017



    I am delighted to invite everyone for the launch of the "Thuriya" at Dewar Island, Goa on 07 Aug. 

    The ceremony will be a simple one, attended by friends and well wishers, and all those who built the boat.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!


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