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The Acting Kindly @School card game teaches young people cooperation, collaboration & joys of being nice.


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Gregory Scott Acuna

About the Fundraiser

Acting Kindly @School…An Alien Inspired…Everyone Wins Card Game!
Acting Kindly @School - gets players to practice random acts of kindness and playful deeds to spread joy, create new friendships and foster a cooperative atmosphere more conducive to high quality learning. It’s fun, creative and thoughtful, with teammates switching teams to break down barriers and promote wide spread camaraderie. Best of all…in the end…everyone wins!
Our Goal…
We want to get at Acting Kindly @School to hundreds of schools across India. The best way to do that is the "Classroom Pack" which has 15 decks packed in a sliding drawer box and a booklet of game play suggestions with how include the game in a bigger curriculum.
What's the money for...
The campaign is to do the printing of the first decks and Classroom Pack boxes, shipping and promotion.
Get it or Give it to a School...
Schools get the Classroom Pack for your school...Parents get it for your kid's school...Organizations get it for schools you work with...Businesses get it for schools who need it.
About the Game…
MISSION: Spread joy by strengthening friendships, making new ones and creating lots of smiles.
GET READY: You’ll need paper, pencils/pens, some art supplies, sticky notes and space to create and plan.
ACTION CARDS: There are eight different types of action cards: Create, Exercise, Greet, Kindness, Plan, Play, Quest and Relax.
SWITCH CARDS: When you draw a “Switch Teams” card...players change teammates. Try your best to join someone you haven’t yet played with.
PEOPLE CARDS: When you draw a red people card draw again until you get an action card. Do the action for someone as indicated on people card.
WILD CARD: Be creative and make up your own good deed. It can be any deed type or even something totally new!
CREATE & PLAN CARDS: These take longer, but enjoy the process. Keep track of “plans” with teammate names in order to follow though later!
Game Play…
ACTING KINDLY: is a totally cooperative game so everyone is playing together to spread kindness. There are two modes of play…
DEED MODE: Set a total number of points you want to gather from actions done by all players.
SPEED MODE: Set a duration and see how many deeds everyone can do in that time. Speed play can be wild and wacky. Balance quantity and quality!
BLAST OFF: Game is best played during breaks so players interact with others who aren’t playing. Form teams of two...each with an Acting Kindly @School deck. Shuffle cards and draw from top.
SCORE: Keep single score for all points from all teams…one point for each action finished. Have central score keeper, either a person or place, where teams tally each point on paper or blackboard after completing a card.
Everyone Wins…
FINALE: In Deed Mode when you reach the goal or in Speed Mode when time’s up start chanting “Acting Kindly” until all teams have gathered together to shout...“Everybody Wins!”
  • I'm Back...& Almost there!

    by Gregory Scott Acuna on March, 12 2018



    Crowdfunding for Acting Kindly @School took a little break while I was in South Goa at the utterly amazing Seaside Startup Summit. Five days camping with hundreds of people representing 100 startups from all over India...and a few other countries. I was both a speaker and participant. The place was beautiful, the people friendly and the experience was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

    The photo here is me speaking on a panel discussion about International Sales. Here is a link to an article about the event in Times Delhi with a photo with me on the far right. 

    The response at the summit to Acting Kindly @School was tremendous. Three separate investors told me they were confident it would be a hit and really encouraged me to concentrate on it. I'm excited and feeling more confident than ever.

    We're in the last 9 days of the campaign. We've collected over 1,70,000 rupees and only 80,000 to our goal. If you know of anyone who you think would support our efforts do please pass it on so we can make our goal and start spreading kindness to schools all over India. Thanks for your support. #ActingKindly

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  • 50% in just 15 Days

    by Gregory Scott Acuna on March, 01 2018



    Wow...THANKS so much for the fantastic support we've gotten for Acting Kindly @School. I feel like dancing! In 15 days we passed 50% of our goal and it feels like the word is spreading to lots of people and organizations interested in empowering young people.

    Want to work twice as hard over the next few days because I'll be away for six days at the Seaside Startup Summit from March 6th to 11th. We've been picked out of 700 applicants to take part what looks like a totally innovative event.

    So please share the campaign widely and ask others to contribute to help spread kindness to schools all over India. Your help so very much appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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