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Another horrific acid attack has taken place in Gurgaon and we are now urging you to step in and help us save the life of an innocent two-year-old child. Aditya has been described as a charming, happy and excited child yet his innocence has been tarnished after he was attacked with acid and left to die in a dumpster.


Aditya’s parents are happily married. Although poor, their affections for each other and their son run deep. They used to stay in a rented room in an underprivileged neighbourhood in Gurgaon. However, their neighbour began to harass and make sexually lewd comments at his mother. Although Aditya’s parents attempted to convince the neighbour to leave them alone and explained that his advances were futile since the parents were married and in love, the man refused to stop the harassment. This carried on for a year and became increasingly violent. 

Distraught, the family of three moved out into another rented room in order to get away from the sexual harassment. However, the neighbour began to obsess over Aditya’s mother and lamented his loss to his friends. One of his friends was angry to see him so upset and as revenge against Aditya’s mother’s refusal – decided to kidnap Aditya.

Aditya went missing on the 12th of December 2016. On 14th December 2016, a stranger spotted an injured child in a dumpster and alerted the police. The police arrived to find Aditya in a horrific state. He had no clothes on and his face, neck, arms and back were burnt with acid. The parents were alerted and horrified to find their son in such a state.

Aditya was initially taken to Civil Hospital, Gurgaon however his burns were too severe to treat hence he was referred to Safdarjung hospital. He was then discharged from Safdarjung hospital because remaining there would subject him to more infection. His wounds are extremely infected, his skin is peeling off and he has lost his left eyesight. Safdarjung is too crowded for him to survive his infection and it is best for Aditya to be taken to a private hospital that has the resources to manage his recovery since Aditya’s infection has reached a point where it can lead to severe consequences, including death. His mother is distraught and 8-months pregnant and his father is shattered and lost with regards to how he can help his little boy.

Acid attacks are extremely painful and cause skin, bones and muscles to melt. No person, let alone a 2-year-old innocent child, should ever suffer such a fate.

Please help us fund his surgeries at a private hospital since his parents are in no position to do so. Aditya’s health is deteriorating and we wish to come together and help fund his surgeries so that he has a shot at the life he deserves to live. He’s 2 years old and we cannot allow him to die.

Thanks you guys.

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    by Make Love Not Scars on May, 11 2017



    In Indian society, domestic abuse is not something unheard of. In fact, it is fairly common with as many as 22% women in India reporting physical domestic abuse according to a report. Anju, one of our survivors here was also a victim of the same and was attacked with kerosene oil by her in-laws.

    Please help us in raising funds for her surgery here - and share our post to help us reach out to more people. 

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    by Make Love Not Scars on April, 24 2017



     Please help us raise funds for Anju who was constantly beaten, threatened and abused by her alcoholic husband and his family. One day, her sister-in-law attacked her with KEROSENE OIL and she is now suffering from brutal burns.

    This mother of 3 deserves a second chance at life and it's time for us to come together for this incredible family because her family failed her.


    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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