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The little girl didn't have to die, she did. She was killed. Lets get together to stop this.


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Aviation Safety, it doesn't ring a bell, does it? I started with the IX 812 Crash that took away 158 lives. Just like any other person, I also thought it to be an ‘Accident’, but when I got into details, I knew it wasn’t an ‘Accident, but it was a Murder....A cold blooded Murder by the State.

 As an Advocate, I couldn't run away from my 'Public Duty'. I agree 'Public duty' is more of a theoretical subject these days in law schools, but whatever it is, If I cannot put up a fight as an advocate against a rotten system, I can't think of any other professionals, who can.

I was dealing with a technical issue, I had to study technicalities. The reason why I loved to be a lawyer is because as a lawyer, you end up studying various other subjects. You are never in 'monotony' that other professions complain of. It is a task though but I decided to go ahead.

I started by prosecuting a dozen top officials including a few IAS officers of our great nation, it took me one year to convince the Magistrate, but she got convinced and took 'cognizance' and the 'public servants' ran to the High Court and obtained a stay on the ground that they are 'public servants' and are immune from ‘prosecution’ until the State allows them to be ‘Prosecuted’.

My Wife is a Naval Officer and was posted in Mumbai, when I read about an upright and bold AAI officer who stood against the very powerful IAS officers and refused to sign illegal orders. I knew what she was talking about and I filed a PIL on aviation Safety in the High Court of Bombay. For 2 years, the AAI, DGCA, MoCA and MIAL all denied the allegations and then when I got 'documentary evidence' all hell broke loose and we got to know that there were about 500 obstacles in a 'no obstacle zone'. Now just imagine what would be the situation of the 20 km 'restricted zone'. Without doubt, CORRUPTION was the foundation of these violations, violations having full approval of the very officers entrusted to save our lives.

As an advocate, I know the Judicial system in our country has several deficiencies, but I cannot ignore the fact that it still works. Not everybody can be a Tendulkar or Dhoni, you have to respect Dravid too!!! The Bombay High Court ordered DGCA to comply with the laws and now in 2017, we have about 100 structures to be pulled down. Every time I go to the Court, I have to prove that I am not looking to be 'famous' but taking up a genuine cause, I can crib about the 4 chances the Judicial System had to prevent Mangalore Air Crash, I can crib about the unwillingness of sitting High Court Judges to prosecute the DGCA and Airline staff that put their own lives at risk in a Crash Landing at Hubli airport in spite of a specific warning given to the DGCA. Cribbing is all that we do, we vent out anger on Social Media, but it take GRIT and DETERMINATION to stick your neck out and I am doing it for all of you who still value INTEGRITY and HONESTY.

Mumbai Airport is a ticking time bomb, both on safety and security and so is Delhi. You don't need Osama Bin Laden to plan any attack, a local criminal with a country made pistol or a petrol bomb (made in bottles) can launch a 'terrorist attack' on these airports. An attack on Delhi or Mumbai Airport will be nothing less than attacking our country, but what is alarming is the casual approach our security agencies take. Unlike the Army, they don’t guard the airports like how the Army guards our Borders. The Corruption in BCAS has ensured that our Airports give a ‘RED CARPET’ welcome to terror.

Safety has been compromised not just in Delhi or Mumbai airports, but remote airports like Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The foundation to this violation is CORRUPTION. The possibility of an aircraft impacting a building is not anymore an illusion but it is a potential reality. Then we have the issue of 'Pilot Fatigue'. We have the issue where a Regulator regulates the 'Notice Period', unheard of in any other part of the World. We are not very far away from an accident that could be caused by a fatigued Pilot. We are not far away when a Pilot will commit suicide with a planeload of passengers in the most densest part of the country. You think I am scaring you, just look at the conduct of the corrupt officials of DGCA and history of suicides committed by pilots. We refuse to learn from other people's mistake. 

So basically, my fight is to ensure Safety, but since the safety has been compromised by 'Corruption', my fight extends to fighting 'corruption' as well. I can’t ensure Safety by ignoring Corruption. That little girl is a 'nobody' to me, but let me tell you, I don't see it anymore like that. That little child could be mine and I will tell you, it could be any of yours. Start raising your voice, stand up and fight along.

Why do I need funds? Fighting a legal battle is not a cheap affair. For eg. If I have a 200 page petition and if I have to serve it to say 10 respondents, I have to probably make 30 copies of it. It costs money. I can't brief a lawyer because nobody would take out 2 years of their life to study aviation regulations. So I have to do it myself and appear personally. I have to travel. it costs money. Now, I intend to file a PIL in every High Court so that each High Court monitors safety for all airports in that State. The easy way is to go to Supreme Court, but the SC will not be able to devote the time required to deal with this enormous 'scam'. The Bombay High Court in the last 3 years could only look into the obstacles in the smallest of the Surfaces. Filing PIL in all courts requires money. If I look at even the smallest budget of Rs.5 lakh per State, I cross a budget of Over Rs.1 Crore. Its huge money, but right now I am targeting atleast 50 Lakhs to remain afloat. There is a Trust created in 2012 called the 812 Foundation. It didn’t start up because of lack of funds. Now that so much work has been done, I hope to revive this trust in the interests of the long term plans to ensure Aviation Safety. The Trust used to have a Website so that the people can learn about the work that was put in. Need to revive that as well so that I remain in touch with the people who want to stand up along with me. I want every citizen of the country to chip in with what they can. Intrinsically, we all hate corruption, but we don't gather the courage to stand up, I have and I only hope my fellow citizens will help. Be assured that every penny will be accounted for and every contributor will exactly know where his/her money was spent.

I know we as people are always sceptical about anyone asking money. Everyone feels it will be misused or someone is going to enjoy the 'hard earned money'. Just to put the perspective, Because of my PIL in the Bombay High Court, the Court has granted a stay on 'new constructions' which are obstacles. The Developer/Builder are willing to pay me for my silence now. I have refused such offers even when such refusal has led to threats to my life. INTEGRITY and HONESTY is a part of my DNA and these two traits are non negotiable.

If you are a pilot or a cabin crew you need to understand that FDTL is not the only thing affecting you. FDTL extends your duty and threatens safety. But this doesn't mean you should close your eyes to the 'safety Fight' I am fighting for in the Airports. What if the SpiceJet that overshot the Mumbai Runway overshot on the same Runway on the other End? As pilots you should know it would have killed you because there is no RESA there, there is a non frangible Jet blast Shield there and with a burning plane you enter the densely populated Slums. This is not a Hollywood Movie, this is something that could happen in Mumbai. You land and take off from Patna Airport? How safe is that? Ask the DGCA for the License it has given to that Airport? In any other part of the world, the DGCA Officers would by now be prosecuted and cooling their heels in prison.

I hope everyone knows what this fight is for now. it is a fight for survival. Not just mine, but yours too. I have stuck out my neck with a belief that my countrymen will stand by me. I need your support and I hope all of you will come together to ensure the fire continues to burn...Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, I will be happy to answer it.







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