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Sports for underprivileged kids

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It is amazing how much difference a little bit of space, some equipment, dedication and know-how can impact the health and spirit of children. 

Physical education in the five primary government schools where we propose to work is non-existent. There is no dedicated Physical Education teacher, nor is there any proper playing space or equipment. 

Children are missing out on one of the most important elements of their well-being - play!! 

We intend to change this. Through good sports equipment (thoughtfully picked by us), well designed programs and proper monitoring we want to make play and sports (and thereby good health) an integral part of children's education in the schools. 

The sports program is designed for physical development, as well as teamwork/collaborative skills/ development.

Nutrition is an important aspect of this - most of the children do not eat breakfast before school. Through this program we will provide basic nutrition such as eggs/milk/bananas before the sports program. 

Help us bring the joy and spirit into the lives of these children through your monetary support. 


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