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Alok Ahaar Seva wishes to eradicate the food Gap and undernourishment in the society in years to come.





R S Gas Pidit Punarvas Kendra
  • 31% of Children in Smart City found Malnourished

    by R S Gas Pidit Punarvas Kendra on February, 10 2018



    31% of Children in Smart City found Malnourished

    The organization conducted a camp to distributed nutritive meal to 1378 children in slums of Smart City area on 25th and 26th January. In this drive 767 children were checked for malnutrition according to WHO Standard Underweight Chart and 238 children were found to be undernourished which amounts to 31% in the age group of 5-12 years.

    In these camp 4 severely malnourished children were also found who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome which is a genetic “chromosome 46” disorder and can only be found by a chromosome analysis.

    These 4 children belong to the slums made for temporary inhabitation of migrated people who are relocated near IIFM, and Old MLA Qtrs.

    These figures were obtained by “Alok Aahar Seva’s” Drive “SAVE OUR CHILDREN SAVE OUR NATION” conducted on 25th & 26th January in the slums of

    Banganga, Roshanpura, Pratap Nagar, IIFM, Old MLA Qtrs.

    Where the Organization conducted

    1- A Malnutrition Awareness drive.

    2- One month Free Multivitamin distribution sponsored by Zymes Bioscience a Pharma company.

    3- Distribution of One Free Nutritious Meal by “Alok Aahar Seva” to 1378 kids through public support.

    This program is Organization’s project to fight Malnutrition. Where it gives a Nutritious Meal developed by Nutritionists in only Rs. 5/- Daily, to poor & hungry. The program is running continuously since 27th July 2017 to commemorate Lt. Sri Alok Pratap Singh ji founder of the organization.

    Food for poor is a fuel for revolution.

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  • Health camp News is Man City News.

    by R S Gas Pidit Punarvas Kendra on October, 31 2017



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser


"There are people in this world so hungry, that god cannot appear to them, except in the form of bread" - Mahatma Gandhi 



With an increasing undernourishment rate, there is a strong need for providing food to millions of hungry people. With ever increasing prices, there are millions of people in our city and country who are in need for nutritive food. 

We have designed a special meal in consultation with nutrition and food experts. A meal based on the balanced diet principal with enhanced nutritive values. Our one meal caters to the daily nutritive need of an adult.

We procure the best quality and standardized groceries and ingredients which we provide to hundreds of hungry souls at a nominal Price of Rs. 5/-  

With ever increasing prices of commodities, we need support of people like you for this noble cause so that we can continue doing this noble work and keep feeding people and solving the problems of malnutrition of our country.

The cost of one nutritional meal comes around Rs 23/-. The token of Rs. 5/- is what we charge from people. So the cost per plate to be sponsored, is just Rs. 18/-

Let’s try to provide food for all and contribute our share for society and nation in anticipation of support.


So please donate and feed thousands of hungry people and contribute in strengthening of our nation! 





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