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Help give a new life to 300 underprivileged kids.

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300 Children, 1080 Youth & 3250 People will benefit from your support.





Ashok Mittal
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About the Fundraiser


Durgadevi charitable trust, Rajasthan partnered with a local NGO - Rural Connextion Foundation (RCF) and started a school ‘First Step Academy’ (FSA) right in the slum of Jawahar Nagar in Jaipur for the children of migrant workers and daily wagers. Our survey revealed that 70,000 plus families live here in most unhygienic conditions. Children don’t go to school. Most of them start rag picking at young age; some work in nearby hotels; young girls are doing cleaning jobs in the houses. The idea was to free them from this vicious circle by enabling them through education. 60 Children between the age group of 5 – 13 years were enrolled in the school for Primary education. Out of which 30-40 kids are regular in the school.




The objectives of this project are:

1. To educate children who never went to school by bringing the school to them.

2. To encourage school dropouts to complete their primary education and then to put them in mainstream education system.

3. To enable children through education which in turn will prevent them become child laborers and keeps them away from bad practices.

4. To encourage girl child to study who are otherwise busy taking care of the younger siblings and supporting the household chores, while the parents are away for work.

5. Provide basic literacy to the community.

6. Train women and youth for sewing, computers, electricals.

7. Sensitize them about health and cleanliness.


All this was done by creating a center for learning right in the community.

Our 6 months experience of working on this project indicates there is need to scale up this effort and reach out to more children, youth and women.


DDCT plans to open 3 more similar centers in the community along with 1 main center across the road with better facilities. Children who are regular in the community school can start coming to the main center for learning. Skill training programs will be conducted at this center for unemployed youth after school. We are committed to extend support for this project at least for next 3 years.

Food and nutrition is the basic need of a human being. Child cannot learn with a hungry stomach. Providing one meal at these centers is critical for the success of this program. Cost of meal per child is around Rs.9.


Impact (per year): - Impact of programs at 5 Centers (1 main & 4 satellite) is as follows:

• 300 Children will get Primary education.

• 1080 Youth will get skill training and basic literacy.

• 3250 People from community will benefit for health and hygiene.  


Project Cost (per annum): - 

Staff Expenses (for 5 centers): - Rs.14, 50,000 

Program activities and material cost: - Rs.11, 25,000

Equipment Cost: - Rs.2, 20,000

Administration Cost: - Rs.1, 50,000

Meals Budget: - Rs.13, 50,000

Total: - Rs. 42,95,000


Although the total cost of this project is nearly 43 lacs, I pledge to raise Rs 5 lacs. I would encourage you to come and support my campaign by donating as much as you can and share this campaign on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. Every little bit of it counts and will create a big impact. 



Ashok Mittal





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