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Support me in being the change we want to see - JY

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Support me in impacting India through Jagriti Yatra 2016 - the longest train journey in the world!





Arya Murali
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Dear Do-gooder,



I'm Arya Murali and I'm a final year engineering student from Kerala, India. I've been selected to attend Jagriti Yatra 2016 - an 8000km long train journey to feel the pulse of India and be the change we all want to see.


This Yatra would take me to 15 destinations across India in 12 days that would expose me to the real India and her problems. I would get to learn from the perspectives and ideas of change-makers today to be one tomorrow. I would get the once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with 


The biggest asset I look forward to taking back from the Yatra is the Biz Gyan tree workshop environment where the participants, in a rural setting, can interact with the local people, under the guidance of local experts, to understand their social and economic need.  And then brainstorm, ideate and create business plans addressing seven verticals and three horizontals – Agro, Water, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Housing, Manufacturing, Finance, Mobile & ICT and Public Private Partnership.


You can read more about the Yatra here:

Here is a video of the previous Yatra: What will it take to build a better India?


I've been selected from the 20,000 applications that came from all over the world. The only thing that stops me from going forward is the fee of INR 62,000.

This trip is not for fun or pleasure. It is to build a better India for us to live in. To giveback in any measure.

I'd be humbled if you could support me in this journey that could change my life forever, and maybe yours too :)



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