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My leg keeps me prisoner in my own house

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Arun needs a WheelChair Accessible Vehicle





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I am Arun’s Sister & I started this campaign to raise funds for Arun to buy himself a mobility aided vehicle. By supporting this campaign you can make a real difference to my disabled brother’s life.Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be born with a disease that has no cure, survive odds, feel on top of the world, a world that a cancer victim mom created with love, loose his only hope when it was time for mom to play quits, struck by mental disorder, provoked by life's harshness and still hope against hope?

Then you have just the read the life manuscript of Arun P Rajasingh

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Back in 1985, due to the relentless effort of his Mom, a well-loved physics teacher herself fought it out to get her son, Arun admission in a normal and reputed school in their neighborhood.

With the strong support of his Mom, Arun studied with all his heart in-spite of his disabilities. No wonder he was a topper all through school and an example for many. He also won interschool essay competitions. I secretly think Arun did it just to see that proud twinkle in his Amma's eyes.

But in 1997, along with the loss of his mom, he lost himself. Life became only a struggle.He had this 'Never say die' spirit. He just wouldn’t give up when there was nothing to hope for. His perseverance to excel battles hard against his overwhelming disabilities.

The weight kept increasing and at one point it reached almost 190 KG and mobility is currently too little, stuck in his 10ft X 10ft room on his bed with his laptop. He continuously suffers from severe leg pain. He just wants to live a peaceful independent life.

With your help, he can move again. It would take only a little amount, to help a shining star reach his true potential.


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