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Shirts for All by Attrayant

Personal Social Entrepreneurship

Attrayant is all set to manufacture shirts for children and elderly . Come join us! Your support is crucial.





Shwetanki Sharma

About the Fundraiser


About Attrayant and Shwetanki Sharma ( Myself)

Attrayant is a micro garments manufacturing firm which has taken an initiative to  distribute readymade shirts to poor children and poor elderly. It needs your support to take this mission forward. I, Shwetanki Sharma,serving as  the director of Attrayant,  had always been very sensitive towards social issues. My manufacturing team and i need your support to make this social campaign a success.


Why are we Fundraising?

This fundraising campaign is being organised to distribute clothes and to bring smiles on the faces of many people who never got any chance to wear new clothes. Everything they wear. is either used one or not in good condition. Imagine yourself gifting a new shirt to a poor boy, a poor girl, a poor adult. How are you feeling? Are you feeling contended that you have really done something good and more importantly you have done a good job for the society! My friends , this is just imagination, reality is  much greater than this!


How will the funds be utilised?



Description of Raw Materials




Good quality fine fabric (one shirt requires approx 2.4 metres fabric for an adult and 1.4 for a child)

If we make 250 shirts at 2.4 metres

If we make 250 shirts at 1.4 metres


Threads to stitch (One fine  thread role cost about 6Rs) We need approx  50 roles.


Packaging Materials like cardboards, poly bags, clips.

Amount payable to Labour for Stitching for 500 shirts

Electricity expense for the above mentioned operation.

45Rs/ metre

Rs. 27000












Your Support can make them Smile, Be a friend to them

Imagine yourself moving out of your house without a cloth on your body. Can you beat this summer heat when it is so hot outside? Did you imagine? Did few pictures come into your mind? Felt bad for some people whom you daily encounter in your day to day life?Maybe a boy, a girl or an elderly being?

 We all are so busy in our lives that we ignore all such people who really need our help. Even if few of us try to do something, our busy schedule does not allow us. And some delay it because they do not have money. They want to help but money is the main roadblock.

We need to help people because god has made us capable and given the ability to serve them.  An appeal to all of you who are reading this; lets join hands and walk together. Attrayant will manufacture and we all will distribute. Starting with one city Meerut and connected villages in Uttar Pradesh, lets take this campaign all over India and make it a huge social success. We either blame government or GOD but what we individually do makes a difference!


What if you really can't donate?



Thank you

For more updates, stay with us.

Whatever amount you wish to give, will be accepted with appreciation. Timely report of this social campaign will be maintained and everything will be transparent. 

I appeal you all to be a helping hand for such people. Lets take this responsibility to serve mankind. These people ,children wake up everyday with great hopes. Lets fill colours into these hopes.Always remember; There are two types of people- Givers and Takers; Takers can get something better and Givers can sleep better! 

Thankyou, looking forward for your support in this great cause to help the ones in need. Regards


  • Shirts for All by Attrayant by Shwetanki Sharma

    by Shwetanki Sharma on July, 14 2016



    Hello Everyone,

    We have completed our target of 70K. I am obliged with all your support.

     I am so overwhelmed to see that you guys supported me till the end. Respect :)103 Backers and 523 total Facebook shares. Thankyou once again for all the support ! Today is the last day and we have completed this target on time .


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  • 80% (56811Rs) Raised of 70K

    by Shwetanki Sharma on July, 04 2016



    Hello People,

    Hope you are doing good and to the best of your health!

    With all your support , we have raised Rs.56811, of total funds till date. This campaign started just 20 days back and i am overwhelmed to see such great response! It is our faith and will to do something good for the society which has brought us together for a single cause.

    Lets join hands and try to complete the next 20 % by reaching out to our friends and relatives and family. Now, we have come so far, we cannot look back :) It is not about the result, but it is all about our efforts! When we can achieve 80% in 20 days then cant we complete the rest 20% in 10 days. I think we can ! Cheers!!!!

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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