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Keep out poors from languishing behind bars for years

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Please support bail for poors





Lenin Raghuvanshi

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Francesca Wander from San Francisco, USA writes, “I was startled to read the following AP article the other day in my local newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, primarily because, for so many Americans, $360 is so minimal an amount of money, spending twice that amount each year to purchase the latest and greatest iPhone! And that people in India can languish for years in prison because that is more money than some of them will ever see in a lifetime is beyond our comprehension.


I am not a wealthy woman – far from it. Nor am I particularly technically savvy. But I certainly could afford a measly $20 or so, to contribute to helping one of these poor souls regain their freedom, knowing that if only 17 other people made a similar contribution, one person could go free. Imagine how many loved ones (and providers) could return to their families if many more than 17 others contributed $20 or more.”


Links of stories as follows, which is published in Fox News, Washington Post and Newyork Times:

Please read  about pain and agony of a prisoner Mr. Harinath Mushar:


Please help to lesser children of God and please donate.

Please donate geneorosuly. I will guarantee you that you money will go for the cause of bail for poors through Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights(PVCHR)/Jan Mitra Nyas.



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