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Support Bhakti Sharma as she swims in the freezing Antarctic to raise funds and awareness for girl-child education!





Bhakti Sharma

About the Fundraiser

I am an open-water swimmer in a country where even conventional swimming is not a very celebrated sport, let alone an unconventional field like long-distance swimming.

For open water, mostly my mother (who is not a professional) has coached me. And we have still managed to reach and do swims in parts of world where no Indian has yet.  I have swum in 4 oceans of the world - Indian, Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic - and 8 seas.

My next swim is a world-record attempt in the coldest ocean of the world - Antarctica.  And I am dedicating this swim to Girl Child Education in India.


  • I aim at swimming a distance of 2.5kms in the fifth and coldest ocean, Antarctica
  • The successful completion of this swim would not only make me the only person to swim 2.5 kms in Antarctica but also the youngest swimmer in the world to swim in all 5 oceans
  • The swim logistics are expensive due to the hostile nature of Antarctica and lack of habitation.


I would be going to Antarctica on a ship, which takes off from Ushuaia, the southern-most city in Argentina (best and cheapest way to reach Antarctica Peninsula). Every cruise has 2-3 pre-determined stops to do all the touristy things like observing penguins etc. So while the cruise is on halt on one of these stops, I will undertake my swim. ?It is a highly risky attempt and expensive too due to lack of resources in Antarctica. ?


  • Arranging the logistics of the swim
  • Surviving and swimming 2.5 kms in 0-1 degree C water temperature
  • No special suits; just a normal costume, cap and goggles
  • Antarctica wild life is very dangerous. leopard seals etc could cause harm
  • I have no professional coaching for this, hence the challenge is higher and riskier
  • High risk of hypothermia and cardiac arrest due to cold water
  • Lack of awareness in the country about Open-Water Swimming, hence difficulty in getting financial backers


  • The swim would be a world record, so the level of awareness spread, both about open-water swimming and girl-child education would be global. This would break barriers in the minds of people and most importantly it would lead us to believe in the power that rests within all of us, the power to challenge limits and break boundaries.
  • Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make the change.


  • Arranging the swim logistics - Ship tickets from Ushuaia to Antarctica, air tickets to Argentina for a team of 5 including a doctor and his/ her fees.
  • Practice arrangements in colder states of India.


  • You have my sincerest gratitude for showing interest in my campaign. I understand if you are unable to make a donation, but you can still give us the greatest gift - communication. Communicate about this campaign to everyone you know. Share this page on Facebook: Every single penny will be welcome.

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