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End sexual violence against children in India!

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We are Marching at the Bharat Yatra! Marching to stop increased instances of child sexual abuse.





Kailash Satyarthi

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We have begun marching.

We are marching to make sure that a child is not abducted every 6 minutes.

We are marching to stop a minor girl child, from delivering a baby.

We are marching to stop trafficking of children into bonded sexual labor.

We are marching to express our moral outrage at this scourge and end it here and now.

Our Bharat Yatra has one goal – we want to express our outrage towards and stop all instances of child sexual abuse in India.

Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi is leading his team at the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation to reach out to every Indian and have them pledge to stop every instance of Child Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking. It is a pledge to listen to the silence of these children and fearlessly challenge their perpetrators – it is a warning that we are watching and listening and we will track them down. In doing this we are asking for you to be alert, aware and act when you sense sexual violence against children.

Our journey is ambitious but exciting. We will cover 11,000 kilometers and 22 states to touch every Indian we can and tell them about our cause. We will not rest till 10 million people have pledge their support and joined us. Some of our partners have already offered us places to stay and others have arranged our food and water. We will travel to and cover 200 towns and villages during our Yatra. We believe that in places where we don’t know where our shelter or food will come from - you will come forward and pave our way with your generosity, commitment and support. We know that there will still be places where arrangements may not be made - there will simply rely on the grit and resilience of 150 crore marchers. We will at all times and galvanize each resource to be able to assure that our 150 core marchers walk these seven routes. We know when we are tired we will be carried by the power of our cause. We will be staying at schools, hostels, dharamshalas, but we will march on and finish the Yatra on Oct 18, 2017.

We want you to walk with us, talk to us about this pledge, and commit to us that you will be a part of building an India that does not, will not, and cannot tolerate sexual abuse and violence against its children. We have planned to raise 50 lakhs to complete this Yatra and we need your support today to meet this target. Join us, lend us your voices, so that children’s voices can be heard across India. Help us meet this commitment - we owe to our children.


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