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47 million children leave the formal education by grade 10, help them make more informed future choices


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    by Arthan Foundation on April, 02 2018



    A big thank you!

    Students at Government School Senior Secondary School Tuglaqabad Ext. have had the chance to go through the first two modules of our 4 week career awareness curriculum because of you!

    Astha, a class 8th Student says - "I was conditioned to think that academics and marks were everything but after these workshops I have understood the importance of interests, values, soft skills and other criteria required for deciding and achieving success in one's career." At Arthan Foundation, we are dedicated towards inspiring more students like Astha.

    We are now two weeks into our campaign Support the Future of 1,000 children and thanks to your contribution we have achieved 42% of the goal. But there is still a long way to go before we reach our goal of taking our program to 1,000 children. Help us keep up the momentum. You can do this by -

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About the Fundraiser

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A very common and seemingly simple question, right? Or is it?

15-year-old Iram is grappling with this very question. 

Iram studies in Class 9, at a school in Sangam Vihar, a densely populated and undeveloped locality of South Delhi, India. She walks 3 kilometers to school every day, rain or shine, but she doesn't mind. “I love school,” she says. 

Iram has a dream. She wants to grow up and work. But when anyone asks her what she wants to become, she remains silent.

Iram's story is not unique. In fact it is the story of thousands of students studying in government schools across India, and beyond. They struggle with questions about their futures:

  • What stream should they select? 
  • What are their skills, interests and aptitudes? 
  • What profession do they want to take up? 
  • What career options do they have? 
  • What steps do they have to take to reach their career goal?  

By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population in the working age group of 15-34. Currently, in India, 47 million children leave the formal education system by Grade 10, leaving many ill-equipped to find work.

Arthan Foundation supports children studying in government schools with a career awareness and planning curriculum to help children better understand the world of work. The program not only builds an awareness and aptitude towards current and future employment landscape but also inculcate foundational life skills to build social competence, self- awareness and critical thinking.

Why should you support Arthan?

While the concept of career planning is not unheard of in the school education system, its implementation, unfortunately, has been restricted to elite private schools or individuals who can afford such professional services for their children. Children from government schools, remote rural areas or marginalized backgrounds often fall through the gaps and get absolutely no guidance about their future career paths. This invariably leads to a vast majority of them either dropping out of school before completing their education or joining the informal economy. Arthan Foundation intends to bridge this gap and integrate career planning and work readiness as a regular practice in government schools. We wish to empower and enable children to become more aware and take reins of their own future, thereby ensuring better livelihoods in the future.

Arthan has developed a career planning, life skills and work readiness curriculum with the help of experts, especially customized for children from Government schools. We are in the process of collaborating with volunteers, partner organizations and teachers from Government schools and are training them on delivery of this curriculum and assessment. Our initial work with 500 children has shown a positive outcomes and increased levels of awareness & confidence among children.

We are also developing a ‘first of its kind’ technology platform which will be made available for government school children in underprivileged semi-urban and rural landscapes. The Digital Platform would enable children to identify their aptitude through a highly contextualized psychometric test an access information about the employment landscapes, graduate courses and essential employability skills amongst several others. It would be freely available for children to use and the data would be collected to understand children’s needs and requirements, looping back in the content creation process. 

Every contribution, big or small, would help a child get a little closer to her dream.

About Arthan:

Arthan Foundation envisions a world where every child has access to the knowledge, resources and economic opportunities necessary to achieve her/his ambitions. Arthan believes that empowering children and youth is critical to alleviating poverty in India. We envision a world where children have access to the knowledge, resources and economic opportunities necessary to build their lives. 

Arthan brings together education, employability skills, and economic development to create lasting social and economic change. We design and implement programs on career planning for school children, and sector-specific job readiness for youth and connect them to economic opportunities through employment and rural entrepreneurship. We partner with government, business, and civil society to inspire systemic collective action to address the youth unemployment challenge.

Arthan is a social enterprise based in New Delhi, India.




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