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Humanitarian Case of Caroline - Kenyan National who fought adversity!

Humanitarian Case of Caroline Wanjiru Njuguna





Uttam  Banerjee

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This is a humanitarian call for support from Uttam Banerjee,  Vijayaraghavan M Chariar and Sachin Joshi - Co-Founders of Ekam Eco Solutions - , an IIT Delhi incubated company working on sanitation.

We received this call for supporting Caroline from Bernard - Sports Teacher at Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad. Bernard is kind-hearted citizen of Senegal and is trying to ptovide all support to Caroline, Caroline's  sister and newborn child.

Bernard who has most details of the matter can be reached on India Mobile Number +91 9724378103 or on email

This request is regarding the humanitarian case of Caroline Wajiri from Kenya. Caroline was incapacitated and immobile after the terrorist attack in Nairobi 28th May 2012. Caroline is currently undergoing treatment at Parekh Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. She was pregnant on her visit to India for treatment and she gave birth to a baby boy on 24 December 2015. She has exhausted her resources on the expensive medical treatment. She now needs to clear her hotel bills for 3 months, pay for her return air ticket and for the return air ticket for her sister who has accompanied her. She also needs to arraange travel documents for her new-born child to travel back with her to Kenya.


For further verification of facts of the matter and the humanitarian support already provided by the staff and management of Hotel Classic Inn, Mithakali, Ahmedabad, please call HPandya  +91 97-23-943437 or Barkat +91 8141124924 who can provide details about genuineness of Caroline's situation.

 Caroline in the terrorist attcak in Nairobi on 28th May 2012
Caroline in the terrorist attcak in Nairobi on 28th May 2012

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Caroline with her baby who was born in Ahmedabad


Mr. Bernard Diouf - sports teacher of Mahatma Gandhi International School ( has been helping her with translation and taking care of her child (she is not in a position to take care of her son) since November 2015.

Grateful for your support to resolve this humanitarian case and help Caroline fly back to her country after successful treatment, with her baby,  and  her sister to start life afresh.


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  • Kind Request to Backers : Please forward Link to like-minded friends on Social Media

    by Uttam Banerjee on March, 02 2016



    Dear Campaign Supporter,

    With 42 contributions, we are close to the Rupees One Lakh Mark. We need Rs 2 Lakhs more to clear Caroline's bills. This is a request to please share the Crowdfunding link - with a customised message from you on WhatsApp, Email and Facebook. Thanks for your gracious support !

    Uttam Banerjee, Vijayaraghavan M Chariar & Sachin Joshi

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  • CNN IBN Covered this Humanitarian Campaign in 8 pm News on 1st March 2016

    by Uttam Banerjee on March, 02 2016



    Link to coverage on CNN IBN on 1-3-2016 8 pm news of Caroline's struggles against adversity and humane support :

    Thank you CNN IBN for covering this urgent humanitarian cause in the midst of budget, parliamentary session and several other pressing events !

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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