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Jasmin Waldmann

About the Fundraiser


I am a Life Coach and Personal Trainer from Germany. I am since 5 years in India to help Indians to transform themselves.

I have seen the struggle of so many many people, and I know often there is no reason but they simply do not know better at this point of time.

May it be overweight, bad habits which they cannot change, un-manageable stress, negative relationships, do not what to do in life, diet problems, digestion problems, concentration problems, name it!

And I thought how to help far more people as in one to one sessions.

A book! - came in my mind. And I wrote for 2 years (and 1.5 lacs) a book - Change ME is the title and I put many efforts and all my experiences in it.

It is very close to me as i want to help people I want to empower them and tell them - it is possible to change even when things look more than worse! I put my love and energy into it.

Jaico became my publisher - they have been the only one who said 'Yes' to my idea and they supported me, whatever was in their power.

Now as I told you I am looking for helping thousands of people, it needs marketing. And putting books into a book shop costs money (I never knew that fact before).

I ask you to help me so that I can help Indians to transform themselves with the help of this book.

This is my project all about. I wrote on this book for 2 years and put all my experiences as a Life Coach and Personal Trainer into it. Why? Because too many people struggle without any reason. May it be diet wise, weight wise or – main point of struggle – mental wise.

The book is a journey for each reader and guides holistically (Fitness, Diet, Meditation, Life Coaching) and asks helpful questions. It shows different ways to transform your life into a life you always wanted, helps you to change into that person who is deep inside you and waiting to get out.

The book is now ready for print.

With Amit, the main character in this self-help/ fiction book, you will get to know how exactly to change, to ask yourself the right questions; also to bring relationships a level up and create amazing relationships with your loved ones.

I want to reach out to everybody in India and abroad who struggles mentally and I want to show them some possible ways out. I want them to identify what their real core is and live the life in the way they actually want, also to get a body which they want and above that 0 to accept things as they are (may it be the own body or circumstances in life. Only then one can truly change).

I am in this field of occupation ever since. It is my passion to help people, to teach them and to see them flourishing. To see them reducing weight, finding the own self and living the life they truly find as fulfilling.

But I figured that not everybody can come to my one on one sessions or workshops. Distance and mainly money keeps makes it not possible to afford and to participate.

That is why the book came in my mind.


Why crowdfunding and why in India?

Because I am living in India since more than 5 years now and I have helped already many people. Also I am very committed to India. And this book will be for the people here. And one thing I have learned in my life is that we need other people – whatever we want to do.

So I want to help Indians (and of course foreigners too) and therefore I am asking for your help to do so.

We need nowadays even more marketing to bring something into the market- to get attention. The publisher has the plan to place the book in many book stores and also airport bookshops and also online on quickr, amazon, flipcart,…

Otherwise the book will be unnoticed.

And this marketing needs money, as also the publisher wants to have some money to do all that plus – and mainly- the shop keepers receive money from each book who they showcase (I never knew this before).

In addition, as I wrote the book, a professional, indian writer helped me when it came to cultural issues. And she also got some money for her great work.


How will the funds be used?



I am asking you to support me so that I can support many others!

There is no risk as such, as it is a book!

The biggest challenge is to market it right so that we can reach each interested person here in India.


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