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Hurratul Taj

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Imagine yourself travelling to another city for work and after work entering a restaurant for dinner all alone. You wish you had company, but because you know nobody in the city, here you are.. All alone on the table. Oh but wait, you have a mobile app called CHICSCONNECT. You pick up your phone, log in to the app and find out that there are five girls other than you in and around the same location that you are in. You can meet them & this boring evening can be turned into a fun evening, if only you dropped them messages. So you go ahead and take the chance and let’s say three end up being available for a meet-up and you all meet.

Now imagine these scenarios:

You are in your own city and you want to keep a small meet-up for all your friends, but to add on to the fun, you also want some more fun people to join in. You log in to the Chics Connect mobile app and create an event saying you are organizing a casual event to hang-out at XYZ place. Now you want to keep it a little crazy & give it the name “Let’s Know New People MEET”. There are girls in and around your location who can see it and they like the idea & decide to join in. They send you messages saying they are available & are joining in and Ka-boom! You all meet.

You want to start your own Yoga sessions in morning and want to have more girls to join in. You create an event on the Chics Connect mobile App saying you’re organizing a Yoga session at XYZ place. All girls in and around the location will be able to see the event and can join in after sending you a message on the app.

You are in a club and you want more people to join in. You create a meet-up event on the Chics Connect App. You are into branding and to your surprise a CEO of some MNOPQ company is in the club as well. She sees the meet-up availability and joins in. You end up having a fun evening and to your surprise share a lot in common with each other on a professional level. A connection you never thought you could ever come across otherwise ends up happening!

You want to organize a meet-up event on a small personal exhibition of your own paintings in your house. You create an event on the mobile app and end up getting a good response from the girls around the location who are interested in joining in. Connections are made again!

You are on a bus stop, standing all alone and you find some weird guys around. You start feeling fishy & unsafe. You click on the Panic Button and all the girls in that location get notified about your exact location. Some of them even turn up to reach you with help.


The possibilities of making simple connections ending up in life-time friendships to valuable professional connections ending up in collaborations using Chic Connect are immense. Chics Connect aims to break the patterns & help create a better world by letting women folk connect with each other like never before. Horizons of their mental & emotional perspectives grow wider & comfort zones shrink with every new connection. It is similar to connecting the dots & accessing the larger picture – You let loose and let life surprise you with all the pros of connecting with fellow women. Every connection is a revolution in making. We wish to empower girls to spread their wings & fly out of the cage of their pre-defined limits and meet new companions, building inspiring and lasting relationships.



  1. How did it all start?

After completing my graduation from NMIMS, I came back to my hometown Udaipur and chose to be associated with the Fashion industry instead of engineering and MBA, something that was totally against what my dad wanted me to do. Fashion was never an option but a passion for me and I made the choice of following my heart and pursuing it despite all hurdles. I started a firm called Territory Of Fashion along with my personal blog . During my struggling days, I learnt an important lesson which was that it is not the ideas but the people associated with the ideas who make all the difference. The more we meet people, on both personal & professional level, the more opportunities show up. I was badly missing the presence of the right people in my life, even though they were all out there. I was confined to the four walls of the same room, the same me & the same people with no perspective updates. While looking for opportunities online, I came across men who helped me tremendously and men who proved to be total jackasses. People seem to be quite OK with this trend but one thing that irked me was that this tends to become one of the major reasons why parents in small towns hesitate in letting their girls move out to grow and live their dreams. I started wondering how wonderful it would be if there was a platform where all women could connect with each other and make things happen together on their own, professionally & on personal level. Women sometimes understand fellow women better than the men. This thought stuck in my mind & I started giving it serious thought thinking about the possibilities of making it happen. After constantly being in the same state of mind, I decided to do something about it. This is when my business partner at TOF, Vinav suggested, “To bring about the change you have to BE the change.” This one statement kicked me in the brain and I decided to organize women meet-ups to get the taste of it first. I went on to my Facebook account the same day and updated a status saying “Let us all girls from fashion domain, staying in Udaipur meet at the restaurant this Sunday and have some good time together.” To my surprise, twelve girls turned up ending up having an amazing time together. All of them were not from the fashion industry, but they all shared the same hurdle which was that they were not able to connect with the right people. They felt isolated and stuck in their own world. They wanted to meet new people and hence here they were ending up meeting each other. This first meet-up fuelled my ambition even better. I got a little perspective. I was motivated enough to organize the second meet-up and this time 18 girls showed up. This meet-up was a huge success. We all talked about our work & personal lives and out of these talks & discussions, came out many crazy life stories and resources. Many girls who attended the meet-up collaborated professionally and now are working together happily. After the successful second meet-up, I organized the third one which also ended up yielding good results. Each time, more new people & ideas came to the forefront and Chics Connect soon started becoming the talk of the town. Today everybody knows about Chics Connect & a closed Facebook group has been made especially for the girls who connect/connected via Chics Connect so as to provide all related updates.

Yesterday on 1st May I hosted Chics Connect Meet-up 4 and it made me feel crazy awesome when Garima, now a Chics Connect Memeber came down all the way from Dariba, a small town 100 KM away from Udaipur just to get an experience of this meet-up. In Garima’s words,- “Office and the usual life got so boring that I couldn’t stop myself from attending this meet-up even after knowing that it would require me to travel 2 and a half hours in a local bus in this scorching heat.” Her energy moved me and I felt elated. My definition of happiness got a new meaning after listening to her and experiencing her energy and positivity. She said, “Hurratul, I can’t thank you enough for doing this. I sometimes feel super isolated and left out and today I felt great meeting you all. Keep up the good work. Please keep on organizing such meet-ups. I will keep on coming even if that makes me travel all the way from Dariba”. This meant a lot. The meet-up was even better than the previous one. Sharing the pictures here!


We are working very hard on developing this app as this is a dream project which is going to enable girls in coming out of their comfort zones and get new opportunities to grow personally & professionally by starting & building valuable connections. I today have friends from all walks of life that I would never have thought of meeting otherwise in my life, all because we met, because Chics Connect happened. A bridge was built between the girls & the possibilities.




My vision is to empower girls by connecting them into a network where they can help each other in every possible way. My life mission is to help girls pursue their dreams.



Who Am I ?

Engineer and MBA by degree, I am a 24 year old girl who loves fashion and believes that every girl should pursue her dreams. I am a fashion consultant and lifestyle blogger and you can see my blog :  I am also founder of Territory Of Fashion which is a fashion consultancy company.

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Hurratul Maleka Taj



Why Chics Connect ?

Staying in different cities for studies,  I discovered that we always need people around wherever we are and that we all need friends and that sometimes we are not able to find those right people around even when they are all out there. Being in the glamour and business world I have always felt that girls face a lot of difficulties and they do not find right connections and sometimes even face exploitation which even I had to face sometimes. How great it would be if girls find other girls around them and they can connect, collaborate, care, share and never feel alone.  This is the reason which made me start Chics Connect. Why Chics Connect ?

 In a lifestyle where everything has gone online we have lost the emotional connect and I aim at bringing girls closer so that they can share care and help each other in every possible way. It is not about just about women entrepreneurs but about women who are in jobs, house wives, in short all the girls/women. The app would help each and every girl connect to another with similar interests.

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Chics Connect Meet Up - 1

12 girls showed up at the first meet.


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Chics Connect Meet -1



This motivated me to keep a second meet and this time I kept it open to all girls irrespective of domain they are working in or age and 18 girls turned up. The meet went super crazy. I did not expect it to be such a huge success. We got so many new connections and got to meet so many talented chics from 18- 38 years of age group.


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Chics Connect Meet -2



I recently kept the third meet and I am so excited to keep many more. We are building great friendships that will last forever and connections that are so so valuable and insipring.



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Chics Connect Meet - 3



Today we are a closed group of 189 members on facebook.



Some Stories

Umang, Deepti and Varsha these 3 girls in our group are into gifting domain and they are now collaborating for business.They have become such great friends that they come and go together for the meets. Who says same business people cannot collaborate? We have a live example in front of you.

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Insiya, a 21 year old chic got so much inspired after first meet that she started with Homemade Sandwich Business which is her passion and is now collaborating with another girl Pooja who is into homemade chocolate business. They both are collaborating to make goodies and packages for marriages and events.


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Aakanksha always wanted to start her plus size blog and now after meeting other girls she is so happy and inspired that she  has started on it already.


How will Chics Connect Application Work ? - We will not charge you a penny


Chics Connect App will help girls find other girls and be friends with them wherever they are. So when you register yourself on the app after a strict process of scrutiny, the app will find your location and show you other girls in the Chics Connect community in the same location whom you can connect with. If you are travelling to some other location you can choose the location and find girls in that location to hangout with, connect, collaborate and never ever feel lonely. You can also create events and girls in that location would be able to see the events and will be able to come for it. 

We also will have a PANIC BUTTON in the app to help girls if they are in some trouble. It will send a message to other girls in the area nearby them.

Our app does not charge you a peny and that is why we are looking for your support. It is for all of us, for you and for me, for we women and for your family female memebers and so please support the cause.


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How does it help ?

It aims at solving the biggest problem girls face today and that is loneliness, stress and lack of right connections. How great it would be if girls can find new girl friends whom they can share their life with and also collaborate for their work. We aim to bring girls together and form a community that #Cares #Shares #HelpsBeatStress #HaveFun and #Collaborate


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Why Your Support is Utmost Important ?

Why Your Support is Utmost Important ? 


Chics Connect is an app which would run both on Android and iOS and we are currently in the development phase. We need funds for the app development and also for the marketing and awareness of the whole idea which would include pan India campaigns, a lot of meetings and also bringing some eminent females influencers and advisors on board. We will not charge a penny from girls who will be using this app and thus your support is of utmost importance. It is about helping few other girls who are in stress, are lonely and who want to fly out of the cage. It is about your daughter, your girl friend, your sister, your wife and about all the women who would be able to come together and connect with each other for a better and happier life.


We want to build relationships that last forever and connections that inspire all.

Every drop counts and so please contribute generously to the cause.




Chic's connect offers a great opportunity for women to explore their talent, share ideas and help each other out in their respective businesses. Not only it's helpful for women entrepreneurs to expand and explore their own businesses, it also offers a great thoughtpad for aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to explore new business ideas. Overall, a great platform for women of substance to network, share ideas and opportunities among each other, inspire and motivate each other and grow together. - Aakanksha, Chics Connect Member


Chics Connect beat my expectations, it's a brilliant platform for women to network and give each other opportunities to grow. Whether one is looking for interesting, like-minded people or meeting with the right people to take their ideas to the next level, Chics Connect is where you would want to be! A big shout-out to all the women out there, come and be a part of this "girls only" meet, you won't regret taking out time for this one! - Priyanka Chaanra, Chics Connect Member


Chics Connect is a group which fulfiled my basic requirements to know people of Udaipur as I am from Mumbai and the City was new to me and knwing people here was the toughtest task. From long back I was facing networking issues. I was specially also lacking a friend circle but Chics Connect has solved many of my problems. Seriously i was waiting for such a platform. It has really helped me a lot. Great effort u have made Hurratul.  I would love to contribute in whatever way possible to help this chics connect grow. Thanku so much Hurratul. I think you have solved problems of many girls over here. - Pooja, Chics Connect Member


What Will Backers Get ?

Your support will be a great motivation for me and I would love to help you in every possible way.

If you are a female

We will give you discounted passes for all the Chics Connect paid events. You will be given the Chics Connect GOLD membership. The membership will have a lot of advantages which is a surprize for you.Also we will allow you to promote your business/ your personal work in our events.


If you are a male

We will give give you discounted passes for the women in your family for all the Chics Connect paid events. They will be given the Chics Connect GOLD membership. The membership will have a lot of advantages which is a surprize. Also we will allow you to promote your business/ your personal work in our events.

  • We are on YOUR STORY

    by Hurratul Taj on May, 24 2016



    I am happy to see that Chics Connect is growing and is covered by Your Story.

    LINK :

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  • Chics Connect Meet - 7

    by Hurratul Taj on May, 24 2016



    So this Chics Connect meet - 7 was super super special.
    WHY ?
    1. We talked about the problems girls face in our age of 21 - 30 where marriage and career are such critical decisions
    2. No matter how much the world says it has gone modern, what the culture and society barriers are and how difficult it is to break free for a woman ?
    3. Do men really understand women priority to the extent needed or is it still superficial ?
    4. The growing fashion business and the online vs offline scope of the domain and how much personalization women still want no matter how much the world has gone online with fashion
    5. Talked about possibilities of bringing in innovation into the handicraft export business
    6. Sneha Mehta , the 'writer girl' in our group gifted me a book written by her '21 Things Every Girl Should Know' and I am super excited to read it.
    7. Today's session was such a bonding session where we discussed work and life and it was super fun.
    P.S. - Thanks Mitali Israni for getting married soon, we could discuss so much more than just usual life

    tongue emoticon

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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