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About the Fundraiser

What is this fundraiser about?

We are raising money to create the Wowlet app - a platform that lets you find the nearest toilet and provide a wow toilet experience to each of its users. 

Toilets have been a taboo in our country for a very long time. Over time we have learnt the importance of constructing a toilet but have not invested ourselves much in knowing how to keep it clean and hygienic. With outside exposure today, we may have learnt how to keep a toilet clean in our homes but have not got the guts to demand clean and great toilet service outside of our homes. 

This has created a problem of finding good well maintained toilet when outside of home.


Why the Wowlet App?

In our research we have realised that a lot of new toilets are getting constructed but very few actually survive after 6 months. This happens due to lack of good toilet maintenance services. Because of this we have tied up with restaurants in major markets to provide them with toilet maintenance services to ensure upmost quality of cleanliness for the user at all times.

A recent survey by online community social media platform, LocalCircles 

65% of respondents claiming it had been tough for them to locate a toilet at marketplaces in the past one year. 

About 32% respondents had shared how they got access after making a request.

27% had said it was accessible only to customers.


How will it work?

3 simple steps - You open the app, filter according to your toilet specifications (indian or western seat, toilet paper availability, differently abled friendliness), find the nearest toilet as shown on map with directions, use the toilet and click a picture to provide your feedback on the platform.

For the retailer, he/she can look at the app to track the janitor, mark its check for daily attendence forms, get update on its cleanliness and get customer reviews about their experiences.


What is Unique about our App?

The Wowlet app will provide quality ensured cleaned well maintained toilets to the user. The app does not only just list the nearest toilets to the user but also ensure the user of its cleaning maintenance quality. There are many crowdsourced toilet locator apps but none have been able to create a transformation from the toilet maintenance quality aspect. You will be able to post pictures of your experiences, write comments and subjects of improvement. There is no app in the market which helps you locate good quality maintained toilets, just knowing crowdsourced location data is not enough for end customer to be able to use it finally. With Wowlet app we hit the nail from all sides. We provide top class maintenance services for toilets which are not upto the mark and put their presence on a map. This increases traction for the toilet provider and incentive to use Wowlet maintenance services.

Finding a toilet when you are outside in a market will never be a concern for you again.

What services we provide?

We have two kinds of services - one is for business enterprise owners who have take out precious time of their schedules to take care about the daily upkeep of auxiliary services like toilet maintenance. for them we provide world class toilet maintenance services trackable through a mobile application - so that clients are happy and business owners do not bear nay extra burden. Second kind of services is a mobile application helping out general consumers to locate the nearest and cleanest toilet without any extra hassles. the consumers will get a choice of using the most suitable public washroom according to their likings with a click of a button on the app.


How can you help us?

  1. Share the crowdfunding link on your social media.
  2. Talk about this project with your friends and connect us with those who might be interested in the idea.
  3. Make your contribution in the crowdfunding campaign.
  4. Locating dirty toilets at your nearest cafes/restaurants/offices/markets etc. who would need our Wowlet maintenance services
  5. Share your toilet experiences and follow us on our Facebook/Instagram/Website pages
  6. Demand great public utility services from all kinds of retailers including for their employees


The Current Status of your Project

Currently we are in the status of finding restaurants to tie up for Wowlet maintenance contracts and side by side we are creating google pin location for their property by the name of Wowlet. 

For the App, currently we are at the design stage and need your contribution to take this initiative on a pan India level. We will complete the launch once we reach our crowdfunding goal.

Risk and Challenges: We are facing challenges in making retailers understand the need for this app and how it can help to increase their user base.


Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding ensures we create a product which is best suitable to people’s needs and demands. Your comments and contribution can help us with essential feedback about location specific demands for the end user. Challenges we face are different from any other normal business, We are dealing with changing mindsets and shifting burdens of dirty toilets into choice of getting the best chosen toilet.

1. Firstly getting people to understand the importance of the toilet maintenance services and how it helps in growth of business by relieving the owner of extra management burden. Asking them to know how the business is judged on the basis of its toilet cleanliness standards. The customer/clients experience of using your services can be enhanced if toilets are kept clean and green.

2. Secondly - making the final consumer believe that they have a right and say in demanding the best toilet maintenance services from every business enterprise.

3. Lastly changing the perception people have about toilet cleanliness and their standards.

Appeal: We wish to engage our audience in creating the demand for world class toilet facilities in whole of India.

If you know of any Retailer/restaurant/cafe/clinic/offices etc. owners who would need Wowlet toilet maintenance services. Mail us at or call us at 9811663580.

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Q.The viability of maintaining WOWLET has not been indicated. 

Ans. It shall be maintained from the funds collected through crowdfunding. Anyone can donate. Only high class toilet shall be mapped on it. 

 Q. What will be it's user charges ? 

Ans.There shall not be any charges to use the app.

 Q. Whether it will be in partnership with ULBs or independent venture? 

Ans. It is an independent venture.

 Q. And how it will be scaled up?  

Ans. Anyone can upload a high class toilet anywhere in India and that is how listing of high class toilets shall get scaled up. As we take maintenance of more number of toilets our presence for a world class experience will increase and rise to scale.

 Q. A lot of new public and community toilets are being constructed in the cities, Are you competing with them? 

Comments. No doubt, public toilets are constructed but their maintenance is a major issue. Public perception of these toilets is not good. Even if a public toilet is very good, public is unsure about its hygiene and hence refuses to use it. Whereas at the same time we dont mind using washrooms of restaurants and cafes, we are ensured of a quality thats why our perception towards them is good. We are working towards creating that brand value in people's minds.


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