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Support 20 Underprivileged Girls for School Fees

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Help provide educational scholarship to 20 underprivileged girl students at Shantigram Vidya Niketan, Mandawar, Haryana






About the Fundraiser

As freelance videographers, few of us went to a remote village, Mandawar, Haryana to shoot for a personal project. That's when we came across few very poor families in the village. After days of talking to them and looking at their situation, we came to know that they had high ambition for their children. The only school in the area is the Shantigram Vidya Niketan School where most of these kids go. However, in midst of earning a livelihood and feeding the family most of their kids drop out of school. The Girl child is worst affected as education stands a little or, very often, no chance. After talking to the school administrators we realised that there are many girls who barely complete primary education, not because they are bad in studies or lack interest in studies but because the parents can barely afford their education fees and books.

We wanted to do something for these children, Hence our heartfelt appeal, to support us in raising the funds to help at least 20 deserving girl students their one-year fees. This is a just the first step by us to provide them with the resource to attend the school. We will continue to guide the villagers and create more awareness. 

Please support us in educating the neglected Girl students in mandawar and to get them one step closer to achieving their dream. 

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    by EVE on February, 05 2018



    EVE volunteers are trying to provide 'educational scholarships' to deserving girl students at Shantigram Vidya Niketan, Mandawar, Haryana. Please support us to mobilise more funds. 

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