Campaign Ended! The campaign ended on October, 31 2017

Digital Education Program for unprivileged student

Charity Education

Motivate and secure to poor children life and future through digital education program. helping to achieve their goals.






About the Fundraiser


We're a startup educational trust supporting global access to education. We work with people and organizations who believe that every child should have access to an education. Together, we can all help support youth in under resourced areas of the world by digital education and helping provide educational opportunities.


On our list?---Remote areas, rural villages, orphanages, slums, disaster areas and areas of gender inequality where opportunities for girls to be educated are given only second to boys, if at all.

Under "Digital Education Program: Diksha" we have undertaken following tasks:

1. We will be working with students of class 5 to 12 and train them about digital education with the help of local area school (near slum area).

2- Motivate to slum area drop-out students and their parents so that they can continue their education and can make bright future.

3. Our objective is to motivate and give a proper shape to his mind through digital program, motivational videos and many more.

4. We will be organizing debates, seminars and motivational stories program in the slum areas.

5. we need of some equipment like projector, laptops, stationary, projector film sheet and other amenities. 

please support this program to secure our India's Future. 

Some of our supporters and friends contribute funds, others contribute time or talents and others simply share our campaign efforts with their social networks and friends who then end up pitching in or sharing our campaign with their friends...who end up donating a rupees or two, in some cases several hundred!

Everything helps! Rs 100, or 1-click to share this on Facebook, 1 re-tweet on Twitter, 1 Instagram pic of support, 1 blog post about our campaign---ALL OF THESE THINGS HELP TREMENDOUSLY!! :)

Our kids need your help in order to realize their dreams and create better future for themselves.We need your help to fulfill our dream of giving these kids an excellent education. Kindly help us in the pursuit of our dreams.

Let's join hands to change the status quo for some bright minds.


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