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Ensure 100 girls gets to complete their secondary education


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Child Rights and You- East Volunteers
  • Let's pledge to make a world full of equal opportunities

    by Child Rights and You- East Volunteers on June, 24 2018



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About the Fundraiser

In India,20% of the girls on an average drop out on reaching puberty.At primary level,number of girls per 1000 boys has fallen from 881 in 2010-11 to 867 in 2013-14.

Government’s BETI BACHAO,BETI PADHAO scheme alone is not effective.Teachers blame it on ailing infrastructure and lack of teachers as well as lack of toilets as the main reason for majority of girls dropping out. Some families that can afford to send their children to school favour their sons over daughters, causing girls to stay at home while their brothers attend school

• No toilets for girls: Lack of separate toilets for boys and girls is one of the leading causes for girls to drop out. The discomfort of sharing a toilet with their fellow classmates and teachers often compels them to give up on school altogether.Girl child’s safety or lack thereof and Menstruation issues keep girls from School.

We,at CRY,believe that every girl has the right to education and we encourage the same by undertaking a number of measures.

• Education that helps create attitudinal shifts that emphasise the rights of a girl child

• Breaking myths and stereotypes around gender

• Ensuring State accountability to implement various schemes, policies, laws, constitutional guarantees and international commitments

• Institutionalising gender sensitive processes within various systems such as law and programmes

• Encouraging community ownership in preventing violations faced by girls

• Demanding a healthy budget allocation for the girl child at state and central level

• Building women leaders from the community through sensitisation programmes that help them understand their rights and ensure it for girls and women like them.

Donate now to help protect this right of girls.We look forward to your kind cooperation




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