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HELP Acid Attack Survivors in medical treatments

Personal Acid Attack Victim

Medical treatment drive to help acid attack survivor girls for the injury caused in an acid attack.





Parth Sarthi
  • Julie's further medical treatments in Lucknow

    by Parth Sarthi on July, 06 2017



    As I have mentioned in my last post, after first surgery Julie went through she was taken back to her village. Her mother was pregnant and was the only person from her family to take care of  Julie in the hospital. As her mother recovers soon and recuperations from her pregnancy, Julie shall again continue her medical treatment in the SGPGIMS Hospital in Lucknow.

    During Julie's last surgeries in Lucknow, we found that her mother was pregnant. Her mother was not even prepared for her pregnancy. She could not afford any health supplements or the expenses of her delivery in the hospital. In that situation of emergency, she had no option but to take Julie along with her in the village where her old parents would her in the delivery and also there would be people to take care of Julie.

    We have already provided Julie with a traditional room cooler with an inverter and battery supply to power it, few utensils and nice clothes and bedsheets for Julie in the meanwhile.

    She lives in a deep-rooted village. There is no consistent supply of electricity and they are living in poor condition. We suggested her mother settle in the city for few months till Julie gets better. In the city, we have a team of people to take care of her mother and help Julie achieve adequate medical treatments.

    We are extending the goal amount to help Julie return for her further medical treatments and finding a rented space for her mother to stay in Lucknow.

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  • Julie, 7 year old acid attacked child needs help

    by Parth Sarthi on June, 01 2017



    Julie is a 7 years old little girl child living in Budwa village in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). After an acid attack by her second father, she has been striving to survive on her own until our team reached her to help.

    She was acid attacked by her stepfather who was rather aiming to attack her mother. The family is very poor. They do not even have electric power supply at home. At night, when it was too dark her stepfather planned to acid attack her mother. Rani was sleeping along with her infant daughter Julie when her father poured a mug full of acid which he bought that day to attack his wife. Her mother got separated from her father when Julie was still an infant just a few months old. The second husband had been known by someone in the village about an alleged affair that her mother is having with some third person. He was not quite sure about it. But still the way it was expressed to him, without giving a second thought he planned to attack Rani the same day he heard of it all. After sunset, it usually gets very dark in her village because electrification in that village is not adequate even this day. That is how, as the bad fate falls on little Julie, she was acid attacked.

    Very recently team of Chhanv Foundation which also initiated their prominent café Sheroes Hangout run to benefit acid attack survivor women in Lucknow came to know about her condition from another girl Preeti, acid attacked, they were helping out in a village nearby. As soon they known of her, they visited Julie and met her mother. They found that Julie has grown up but still striving to survive with the physical disability that has been caused due to acid burn. There is no hospital in her village. She has only been treated of her major wounds of acid burn in a nursing home in that village. The family is so financially challenged that none of them cared for her treatment further. She only consumes rice and cannot even eat anything else because it still hurts if she moves her mouth to chew it. Acid has burnt her face, neck and chest. The burnt skin has been contracted. It hurts her if she tries to make the slightest movement in her upper body. Scared of pain, she doesn’t even talk or smiles at anyone. Helpless Julie has remained in bed for months and years.

    A month ago, the team of Chhanv brought Julie and the mother and got her admitted at the SGPGI Hospital in Lucknow. So far first surgery has been done on her neck which was contracted after the acid burn. The expenses for the treatment of Julie is being supported by the state government of U.P. schemed for acid attack surviving women in the state. Although Julie is being helped this way, challenges are manifold in this particular case.

    Her mother is also eight months pregnant. That is why when Julie was discharged, the mother took her back to the village. Soon she will be ready for her delivery of a new child. Now her pregnant mother is taking care of Julie, looks after her for her food and other assistance. We need to raise funds to help both Julie and her mother.

    For any pregnant women, I realise there are a number of supplementary medicines that she must take for the better growth of the growing child and also for her own safety at the time of delivery. But to this day she didn’t take any medicine because she could not afford any. The stepfather of Julie earns to the extent that he can only feed the family of five living in the village. The family needs urgent help for the Julie and her mother.

    A few days ago, we have again visited Julie to know of her present condition. Well she is living terribly after the medical treatment. There is barely any post-hospitalization care that is being provided to her. The family cannot afford cool environment for her to stay. She stays in a wooden bed put outside her house in a mosquito net. That is all they could provide her.

    When the time comes for delivery of her mother, both Julie and her mother will be needing care and support in the hospital. The husband and mother-in-law of Rani have agreed to look after them when both are admitted to the hospital. But they would need some money to sustain with the expenses that may be spent in commute between hospital and shelter home and livelihood in the city. After the acid attack on Julie, the state government has also provided her some compensation fund but that amount is obligated by the government to be spent on Julie when she grows up over 18 years.

    Therefore, to help little Julie and her pregnant mother we are planning for next six months for a shelter, some household necessities, medicines, hospital charges that will be involved in the delivery of the mother and expenses that the family attendants would require to sustain in the city to look after the mother and daughter in need.

    Please share and support us to help acid attack survivors like Julie so that #SheDreamsAgain.


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About the Fundraiser

The highest numbers of acid attack cases have been recorded in Uttar Pradesh. Generally, in an acid attack the perpetrator targets the face to throw acid and often the eyes of the victimized get injured in the attack. In Uttar Pradesh, the girls who fall victim of such attack do not find adequate eye treatment to recover. In India, there are only two hospitals where such cases can be treated – Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai and Dr. LV Prasad Eye Hospital in Hyderabad. Taking a part in Stop Acid Attacks campaign, I’m trying to gain support for many of such girls making it possible for them that they receive their eye treatment in Sankara Nethralaya. This will be a long going treatment drive for as many as 50 acid attack survivor girls associated with Stop Acid Attacks campaign.

At present this crowdfunding campaign is also live on another platform on which the funds are being raised by an acid attack survivor Pramodini Raul for herself, Neetu and Anshu ( This fund being raised by Pramodini will support the immediate expenses of those currently going through their treatment. Meanwhile I am starting the campaign here on Ketto to help the treatment drive continue for the other needful acid attack survivors.

The Pledge

Your support can bring back vision to girls who have survived heinous crimes like acid attacks in their past. Pramodini (Raani), Anshu and Neetu have lost their eyes in an acid attack on them years ago. It is very unfortunate for these girls that in the act of crime, they were the victim. The perpetrator who commits an acid attack usually targets the face of the girl. In such an attempt, more often than not, the acid splashed on the face goes ruining her nose, lips, cheeks, chin, ears and in many cases – the eyes. The bright side of the story is that these girls have recently been diagnosed by the doctors at the Sankara Nethralaya – Eye Hospital in Chennai and the reports suggest that with proper treatment, the vision can be restored that was once damaged in acid attack.

We are gathering voluntary and monetary support to help these 3 girls go through their eye treatment in Chennai so that their vision can be restored at least if not the entire face.

Their Stories

Every girl who has been a victim of acid attack, will speak her own story of the violence she has faced, their everyday struggles are same. Anshu’s story goes back in 2014 when she was 17, a high school student living with her family in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. She was being followed and pursued by a man, aged 55 years old, on her way to school and back. It started slowly one day when this man noticed her and then sooner in the following months it started becoming worse than ever before. In the beginning, she used to ignore but when she felt troubled due to such incidents, she decided to speak up to her parents as it was getting scarier. She gathered all her courage and tells her parents about it, who then went on to confront the man following her and his family. It grew into agitation between two families and just a week after the same person breaks into her house in the midnight and throws acid on Anshu when she was sleeping.

Geeta and Neetu are mother and daughter living in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Almost 20 years ago, it was Geeta’s husband who acid attacked Geeta and Neetu (and one more infant, who did not survive the attack) in the midnight when Geeta was sleeping along with her two little children. Neetu, 24 years old, was 3 years old when she was attacked. It was an issue of domestic violence and dowry which resulted in such an acid attack on Neetu and her mother. All these years they have not only been stigmatized by the neighbors, Neetu has also survived with the deformity she has been grown up with caused in her body parts due to acid burn. Neetu had lost her vision in the attack. Her father was the only earning member and while he served his term of punishment for the crime, her mother used to do petty jobs as dish cleaner and crafted sweet boxes to earn a living and survive. In 2014, a team of prominent Stop Acid Attacks campaign initiated a café project Sheroes’ Hangout for girls like Neetu in Agra, where Neetu and Geeta have been resorted to serve at the café and also get an earning opportunity.

Pramodini (Rani) Raul, 24 years old is a native of a village near Bhubaneshwar, Orrisa. Back in 2009, there was an army camp set up near home, she used to pass that road to her intermediate school she was reading in. A person from the camp started to notice her and soon he started taking interest in Rani. He managed to find out residence and personal contact of Rani and continued to call her on her number very often. Most of his calls used to go unanswered and Rani kept finding herself stuck in this situation when one day she decided to confront him. To the one-sided one expressed by that man, Rani sorted that she is so young to decide for marriage. She asked him to wait for at least 6 years if he were supposed to marry her, so that she can complete her studies. He was not ready for that, he gave her two and the only options, either she must marry him soon or she must allow him to get into physical relationship with her. Rani denied to either of two options. Few days after, while she was returning to her home with her cousin by bicycle he stopped her and threw acid on her. In this horrific incident, she lost her vision completely. Rani still aspires to continue her life like any other girl. She still continues to hope for a better future for herself and that can happen if we can help her restore her vision.


Our challenges

Anshu, Neetu and Rani have been diagnosed in the Sankara Nethralaya – Eye Hospital in Chennai recently. The doctors say, there is still a possibility for these girls to restore their vision. The situation is alarming however. It is a specialized hospital for eye treatment in India, particularly in cases of acid burns.

The government of U.P. has provided accreditation to Sankara Nethralaya. It has made it possible for any acid attack surviving women residing in U.P. may receive eye treatments from the respective hospital in Chennai. It is a sigh of relief for acid attack survivors like Anshu and Neetu that now they are entitled for free of cost treatment at the respective hospital.

For Rani, the case is different. We need to raise funds for her eye treatments because there exist no such provisions made by the government of Orissa for medical treatments of women who survived acid attacks in that state. In her case, she will have to pay the medical fee for her eye treatment. After her case of acid attack, Rani was receiving her eye treatment from a hospital in Hyderabad. She could not continue her eye treatment in Hyderabad because her family ran short of funds. The doctors at Sankara Nethralaya suggest that it is an alarming situation for Rani. If she does not receive her eye treatments as soon as possible she might lose her vision permanently.

The duration of the treatment that the doctors at the respective hospital suggest may span over a year. With the organization working behind Stop Acid Attacks campaign in India and towards benefitting such acid attack survivors is planning to help these girls during the entire span of treatment such that the treatment can go along till the end of it. During the first few months, it will take multiple surgeries for these girls and medical rehabilitation routine at the hospital even when they are discharged in between surgeries. Therefore, we need to settle a shelter for the patients and their family attendants in Chennai. This shelter needs basic household amenities and has to offer a cool environment for the acid burn patients to stay while their treatments.

We need to support these brave girls with other expenses that they will require while their treatment continues far away from their residence, in Chennai. These expenses are estimated to cover the cost of travelling of the patient along with attendants between Uttar Pradesh / Orissa and Chennai, everyday commute between hospital and shelter in Chennai, household utilities and consumption of food for 12 months approximately. There must overhead costs of aftercare of the patients when they are discharged from the hospital.

Present Day Situation

Neetu is already going through her treatment which was scheduled once she had already consulted with the doctors last month. She has been treated just today for her right eye with which she was able to see but only slightly. After she fell victim in the acid attack when she was just 3 years ago, today after 24 years she has finally resorted to treatment. It has been her only dream to have a vision. Seems it will soon turn into reality for her.

With the help of some volunteers residing in Chennai, a documentary maker Emma and her filming crew from Australia and team of Stop Acid Attacks campaign it has been possible so far to help Neetu with her treatment. To continue her treatment and further help other many acid attack survivors with their treatments scheduled further we need your kind help and support.


Estimated Budget

For Treatment Drive Over 12 Months (In INR)

Rental home: 300,000
Household Utilities: 30,000
Commute: 120,000
Travel (Railways): 200,000
Aftercare of patients: 80,000

Total Estimated Budget: 7,30,000 INR

Please share and bring support to help acid attack survivors restore their vision and hope they can look towards a better future.

Let us help these brave girls dream again with healthy eyes!

Thank you.


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