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Lacs of people like Ramsingh go hungry every day; You can help them get food by making a contribution.





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Ramsingh (42 year old) travelled all the way from his home Darbhanga , Bihar as his son Mohan was diagnosed heart disease for which no cure was found in his native place. He is a mere shopkeeper who could earn only Rs. 200-300 per day from his grocery shop. Somehow he took loan of Rupees thirty thousand from someone from his village. Unable to afford even a basic accommodation, he is forced to live in open outside the premier medical institute along with his ailing son.  


Just like them, hundreds of people are tirelessly sitting on the pavement outside AIIMS. Some of them are patients, some are waiting for the surgery to be undertaken and some have follow-ups next day. These migrants seek treatments in Government Hospitals, which isn’t an easy task. 

Apart from various challenges they face in their struggle to get medical treatment like never ending queues, long dates for various tests & procedures, expensive medicines and other diagnosis, they have to fight for basic amenities like food and water. 

Continuous struggle makes them weak, pale and helpless but their teary eyes are always hopeful. Most of them faces financial crunch and affording one time meal is also difficult for them. Although the treatment and some life saving drugs are free but still hunger is poses as a major challenge. 

For all these people like Ramsingh getting free food is a major necessity. These helpless people are forced to stay under the scorching heat or extreme cold, they don’t even have sufficient money to buy water and food for them resulting into heat strokes, low blood pressure etc. Also sometimes the caregiver himself develops some health problem.The only option to avoid such a situation is to have proper amenities like shelter, sufficient food and water for these vulnerable people. 


We all belong to a society and it should be our responsibility to do our part of little bit for this helpless section of our society. Although our help for these people is very petty as even if we are supporting them for their food requirement, we can't stand with them in their battle of survival which they have to fight alone. But still giving a mere thought, even if we can extend our support in providing food for only 2 persons , believe me it means a lot to a father of a ailing son, a cancer patient having chemo sessions or an old man who met with an accident. 


Uday Foundation’s food van serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients. Some of them don't even have strength to get up and stand in the queue for food but when they saw they are also worthy as people also care for them and ultimately they have to feed their patient, makes them to get up and take food from the food distribution van. 

At present we are sending food twice a week to the patients outside AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital. With support of our volunteers and friends, we hope we shall be able to send food every day to these needy people. People can contribute in this noble cause by making a small donation for a meal, water and other essential items. 


Your contribution towards this cause will not only give you immense satisfaction but will also connect you with our culture where donating food, water etc is termed to be a very noble gesture.



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