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Canines of Bengaluru

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Feeding strays in Bengaluru to raise funds for The/Nudge Foundation.





Jahnavi Meher

About the Fundraiser

The campaign

I am raising funds for The/Nudge Foundation by feeding stray dogs near HSR layout in Bengaluru for 21 days. You can follow me on facebook and twitter for your daily dose of adorable dogs!

Why this cause

I am a cynophile and am undertaking this campaign in memory of my beloved pet of 14 years, Biki. You can read more about Biki here.  Biki, much like other dogs, loved to eat and pedigree was one of her all time favorites. Hence, pedigree is my choice of food and the aim is to feed 21 hungry strays a wholesome and nutritious meal over the course of this campaign.

Why The/Nudge Foundation

I have always wanted to be a part of an entity that brought about meaningful, sustainable change on a large scale. The/Nudge Foundation works towards poverty alleviation, in a sustainable and scalable manner, by solving for the problem of youth unemployment. This synergy of goals led me to join The/Nudge Foundation. It's been close to two months since I've joined and my experience has been thoroughly enriching. The amount of passion, intelligence, and hard work that folks out here carry for the cause is inspirational. More info here - The/Nudge.

Why you should donate

Key milestones achieved so far:

  1. 1428 students graduated from Gurkuls; 100% placement for those who opted-in
  2. 1.1 million student learning hours delivered
  3. 350,000 free meals and 125,000 nights of shelter

If you want to support us in our goal of pulling 1 million people out of poverty, please contribute.

Each donation will receive an 80G receipt and is eligible for exemption in India under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

How much should you donate

'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs' - any amount is welcome! All the proceeds will go to The/Nudge Foundation towards its poverty alleviation program. 


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