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About the Fundraiser

Friday Night Originals, a Non-Profit Organisation from Kolkata, IN, has been documenting the Original music of the Independent Music Scene for the last 2 and a half years, through 3 Seasons and 2 mini-series on its YouTube Channel It has already produced 56 episodes of 56 Original compositions, with 56 different artists/bands/projects from India and beyond. Each episode is shot and recorded at BlooperHouse Studios, which is our Studio Partner, since FNO BlooperHouse Stories, a 4-episode mini series between FNO Season 2 and FNO Season 3. So we provide a professional quality audio and video and put it up our Channel, for the world to see. And everything, involved in the production, is done 'free of cost' for the artists. In other words, the whole production cost is borne by the production team of Friday Night Originals.

As FNO is not a funded or a sponsored enterprise, we fund these seasons and episodes from our accumulated funds or our personal accounts. No, we do not charge any money from the featured artists, unlike some of our contemporaries. To be very honest, not being funded has turned out to be a boon for us, instead of a hindrance, as we have complete independence on selecting as many young and new independent artists, as we want to.

We have started our documentation process of Friday Night Originals: Season IV, but a lack of appropriate funds has forced us to pause and delay our 4th Season. Plus, we are also planning to conduct at least half of the season, i.e. at least 8 episodes outside Kolkata. We are in talks with Organisations in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Dhaka, Bangladesh to collaborate with us for the remaining 8 episodes, which we are planning to shoot and record in one of these above mentioned cities, bringing in Independent artists from its locality.

So, it is our sincere request to all of you to donate, whatever you can, and make it happen and keep this documentation process of the Independent non-commercial music running. 

Refer to for more details about what Friday Night Originals is and also about our Season IV


Thank You.


Budhaprabha Roy


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