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Free Neighborhood Food and Drink Distribution

Personal Food & Hunger

The funds will be used to distribute food and drinks locally to ~500 people (of any status) to support the community!





Samay Bansal Bansal

About the Fundraiser


I aim to run a "chabeel" - this is the name given to a stall in India that is set up alongside the road and distributes free food and drink (usually rose milk) to people who walk, drive, or ride past it! 


In the sweltering heat, a refreshing drink is often exactly what the people in our community need, many of which live in extremely tough conditions with little or no protection from the sun.

I want this to be a way to give back to the community I've grown up in and bring a little happiness to people who work 12-15 hours a day for little over $3-4 a day.

Every $10 or 500rs. you contribute will feed ~15 people! 

I really really encourage you to share this and try to beat the goal - more money means more meals!!


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