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Help Anju attacked mother of 3 heal from her burns

Personal Acid Attack Victim

This Burnt Survivor and a mother of 3 needs help in restoring her life by funding her surgery





Anju M
  • Hello! We need your urgent attention

    by Anju M on September, 18 2017




    It has been months since we posted Anju's campaign! Anju is a young mother of 3 school-going children who was brutally abused in her husband's home. She was tormented, beaten and at last, set on fire with kerosene oil by her sister-in-law. 

    You opened your hearts and homes and donated for Anju's surgery. Anju is struggling with movement in her neck and is in constant pain. She desperately needs this surgery because she is single-handedly taking care of her 3 children. She can't send them back to her husband because he's an alcoholic and would harm them. 

    Unfortunately, this campaign is going slower than we expected and the longer we wait, the more Anju struggles. Please help us raise more funds. We can not ask you to donate more because you have already been so generous, however, can we please request you to share the campaign on your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram? Did you know: 

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About the Fundraiser


Anju, a 30 year old young mother of 3 school-going children supports them along with her own medical requirements and no source of income. Attacked 3 years ago in an abusive household, life has not been easy since. Married at an early age, she became part of a financially struggling family with an alcoholic husband, unperturbed brother-in-law and sister-in-law. She had 3 children who continue to support her in their own little ways and make her an extremely proud mother.


A customary visit by her sister-in-law and her husband in March 2014 changed her life forever. Her sister-in-law gifted Anju’s husband a gold chain. Pretty soon, Anju’s husband lost or misplaced that gift. Throughout this, Anju was unaware about its whereabouts or whether her husband had sold it to get some quick cash to support his drinking habit.

Soon enough she found the entire family pointing fingers at her and accusing her of stealing the gold chain. The abuse started once again and Anju was repeatedly threatened to give them INR 3 lakhs. Her husband and sister-in-law beat her on multiple occasions and intimidated her to leave the house in case she failed to arrange the money. As a full-time homemaker, Anju was taken aback by their demands but in some way over the years she had become accustomed to such nuisance and was determined to not leave her house. This did not stop her in-laws from attacking her with kerosene oil as she sat one day in front of the little mandir to offer prayers. On March 24, 2014, her sister-in-law came and splashed kerosene oil at her from behind and pushed her towards the lamp kept in the mandir.

As Anju recounts her painful experience, she was taken to a local hospital by her cousin who stayed in Ferozabad and her husband and in-laws did not come forward. The next day (March 25), her brother and parents, who stay in Mathura, came and transferred Anju to a hospital in Agra. Anju was mostly unconscious for the first 21 days and does not recall much about the primary medi-care that was provided to her but her physical state does not tell a very cheerful story. When she woke up after 3 weeks, she found her family by her side but no sign of her husband or in-laws. She suffered approximately 50% thermal burns which affected her face partially, left arm and entire upper front body. This also restricted her left arm’s and neck movement and she has only received one surgery so far to facilitate the movement of her arm. Over these 3 years, her father passed, the family has borrowed funds from friends and family and carry a heavy debt burden and Anju now gets only her mother’s support.

When we bring up her kids, her face instantly lights up! Her first response when we asked her about her needs was that she wants to secure her children’s future. She shows us the pictures of her 3 kids- Nitin (11), Anshu (10) and Anisha (8) who stay with their mother and her family in Mathura. They study in a local government school where the education state is not well cared for and this worries Anju and her kids. Her younger son, Anshu wants to become a doctor when he grows up and wishes to treat his mother. However, with the current state of their education, Anju says she finds it very difficult. She wants to send her children to a good school so that they are able to achieve their dreams.

Despite the struggles she has encountered, Anju is very enthusiastic about taking up a job and proudly tells us that she is a very quick learner and is willing to take up any job! However, based on her condition and the lack of the medical care that she has received, we want her to first undergo surgeries to improve her condition and make her fit to pursue job prospects.

Please help us fund Anju’s surgeries and help her get back on her feet. The funds raised from this campaign would be used for Anju’s surgery to release contracture which attaches her chin to the neck and restricts movement, medication and her travelling and accommodation expenses.

We cannot let her fighter spirit die and any donation, big or small would help us in restoring her shattered life. We need your help! J

Thank you guys!


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