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This is a request for funding fostering and medical expenses for 5 kittens who are awaiting their forever homes.


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  • And....Chotu our Black Bombay Cat has been Adopted

    by Shahzia on June, 19 2017



    Hey guys!

    Chotu has been adopted by a family in Pune. Their 10 year old daughter fell absolutely in love with our little Bageera..Chotu will be headed to his forever home on June 24th.

    This leaves his bestie Mowgli and our three precious new kittens who we have committed to home in this month and the next.

    Additionally, since our kittens are getting adopted sooner than we had anticipated at the start of the campaign, we have also committed to a partial contribution for a jaw surgery for a tiny little kitten named Mini, who was rescued by a fellow rescuer in Bandra West.

    Unfortunately Mini is still fighting a severe viral infection, which has kept the surgery on hold.

    Will update as I get more information on her.

    But for now, let's bid adieu to our baby Bageera..Chotu!

    Special thanks to Samadhi Ghosh for giving us the lead on Chotu's forever family :)

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  • 3 more babies have come our way!

    by Shahzia on June, 12 2017



    Hi guys!

    Have received a call for helping out with rescue of 3 kittens located in dombivli..all three are two months old. we are committing to a funding of Rs. 3500 per kitten in the course of this month and next..and this has been possible because you guys have been so generous!

    thank you donors and people who are sharing this..for your love and good energies! Let's keep going!


    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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About the Fundraiser

Please read updates for additional rescue info.

This is a request for funding fostering expenses for kittens who are awaiting their forever homes. We can't put them back on the streets after nurturing them post rescue.

Hope, Calvin, Tigger, Chotu and Mowgli were born about 2 months ago in an apartment complex. Chotu lost his Mom 4 days ago and is all alone in this big wild world, just as Mowgli, who we found living on his own in the complex at 1 month of age.

Hope, Calvin and Tigger are part of one litter and their Mom is a resident of the same complex we found Chotu and Mowgli.

We started off with 6 kittens in April and have homed 3 thus far, however, Chotu and Mowgli joined us soon after, and we have sent them to foster care after Chotu's Mom passed away. We have been personally bearing their foster and food expenses along with feeding 13 adult cats in the complex area till date.

In India, not many people are receptive to Cats and thus their adoption rates are far far lesser than dogs. Also, a Persian cat is always the preference over these poor homeless Indies for most part. Cats are wonderful pets, they show you as much (and sometimes more) Love and Gratitude as a dog, they just communicate differently. Also, they say, you can't choose a Cat, a Cat always chooses You. They make their entry into your life when you are ready for a higher transformation. They know when you are sick, sad or lonely and will take the opportunity to make you feel better with their cuddles and purrs. All they need is a little space in your home and in your hearts.

That is what we hope to find for these 5 little homeless babies..a loving forever home.

But till such time, we still need to keep them at a paid foster and make sure they are not run over by cars (as has happened to a lot of babies in the apartment complex before).

We are doing our best, but need your support to keep them safe and well fed.

The expenses are as follows:

Approximate days in foster: 60

Cost per day: 150 Per kitten (inclusive of boarding, litter and dry food) - Rs. 45000

Cost for food (wet food): Rs. 60 per day per kitten - Rs. 18000

Medical expenses (vaccination Rs. 1000 per kitten, ad hoc Vet visits and medicines for 60 days - Rs. 1000 per kitten) = Rs. 10000

Misc (contingency) - 2500

Total cost for 60 days = Rs. 75500

In the event of any of these kittens being adopted earlier than 60 days, the left over funds will be used for other rescues in future.

Also, please please share this request widely for these babies, for both fundraising as well as adoption. Please feel free to drop us a line for any queries/adoption requests/previous adoption work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it already means a lot if you got this far :)





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