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Help 50 kids explore, learn and evolve (Trip)!

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Nine tenths of education is encouragement. -Anatole France





Akshay Wadhwa

About the Fundraiser


Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. -George Evans


Who am I? :



I am Akshay. I decided to leave my job as a Network Security Engineer to join Teach For India to eliminate the educational inequity and have been giving my best to facilitate learning for these kids ever since.



I am teaching 7th graders along with my co-fellows Sanjay, Nupur, Roop and Prerna in a low-income government school in a community named Mori Gate situated near Kashmere Gate, Delhi.


Who are these 50 children? :


These kids are my students who come from low-income families which struggle to provide them with all the resources needed for their proper gorwth and learning but I see a great deal of potential in these budding dreamers to achieve whatever they wish in their lives. From speaking about the issues and challenges faced by country these days, represent their school in declamation contests and debates, showing concern about glitches in the education system, these kids have shown a great deal of ownership to bring about a huge change in the society.


Be it questioning the whys and hows of Albert Einstein's idea of relativity or the process of writing a poetry starting from a thought in mind, these kids are always eager to understand the intricacies of thoughts and develop a thorough understanding of the same by actively participating in the events in and out of their school.


I want to become an IPS officer to remove all crime.      -Piyush


I want to become a Scientist so I can invent new things to help poor people      -Sitare


I want to become a traveller and explore the world      -Kartik


I want to become a cricketer because I love cricket so much     -Jatin


I want to become a Doctor because I want to save life of others.     -Ritik


I firmly believe that they are well equipped with everthing that it takes to be whatever they wish to be. All they need is a little support from us.


Why am I doing this?


My idea is to make my kids learn experientially so I am planning to take them to a 2 days trip to Uttarakhand. I believe that travel gives so much to learn which a traditional classroom teaching would not be able to give. When they see the Himalayas and meet people who travel kilometers to fetch water, talk to the people whose mother tongue and culture is different from theirs, will they actually understand the beauty of what they study in their textbooks. They will remember this trip for their entire life. The challenge is that the trip costs INR 3000 per student which seems like a big goal to achieve.




Please help me collect this amount since my kids come from a low-income background and cannot afford this. Just think about the impact your money would make, 2 days filled with Joy and learning and memories for entire life for 50 kids.



Teach For India


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