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    by Rakesh Thakre on May, 05 2016



    Anjali and Keshav are currently in Delhi to conduct few tests at the AIIMS hospital. Kunal Kapoor is meeting them at 4:30 pm. You could catch him LIVE on his Facebook page as he interacts with the kids as well as answers questions by his fans. Don't miss the chance. Follow him NOW! 

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Image Source: Mirror UK

Remember the Brad Pitt-starrer 2008 movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? It’s the movie where Brad Pitt’s character (Benjamin Button) is born as an old man and ages in reverse, growing younger throughout the film. Well, it was a concept of fantasy which was adapted into the reel life from the great American author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story with the same name.

Surprisingly, we have ‘real-life’ Benjamin Button siblings in India. Seven-year-old Anjali Kumari and her brother 18-month-old Keshav Kumar from Ranchi, Jharkhand have been suffering from a rare genetic disorder, giving them a rare skin condition which makes them look much older.

The doctors who have diagnosed them have said that they suffer from a rare form of progeria and also a disease called Cutis Laxa, which is incurable in India .

Born to father Shatrughan Rajak and mother Rinki Devi, Anjali and Keshav also have an older sister Shilpi, 11, who do not have the disease.

Due to their looks, they are teased quite often. Anjali gets called in school by many names, like Daadi amma (grandmother), budhiya (old lady), bandariya (monkey), or Hanuman (a Hindu monkey lord) , reports Mail Online.

Anjali is just 7 years old and it is disgracing to face such humiliation. She hopes that some day her brother and herself will be able to look normal.

Their father Shatrughan is a laundry man and earns barely a sum of Rs 4,500 per month, which makes it more difficult for them to seek good medical treatment. He can only afford to pay for homeopathic medicines, which is not helping his kids anyway.

Their sister Shilpi is very protective about her siblings and doesn’t let anyone come close to them.

The doctors have told them the only hope to for treatment is in abroad.

The overall cost for their treatment is 8 Lakhs but since the sole earner of the family earns very little a month, it is impossible for them to get good treatment. Hence resorted to crowdfunding.

Any small contribution from your end will help these kids get better life. We solicit your help and would be eternally grateful for your gesture towards helping these kids get good treatment.

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