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Lets Become One To Help Ankur's Family

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Need help to support Ankur's family. A friend who is survived by a wife and 2 kids





Bhavesh Manglani

About the Fundraiser

Ankur was fighting his internal battles with depression for many years, due to which he was unemployed and became isolated and helpless which led him to this extreme step. He is survived by a wife and two children (one eleven-month-old boy, and a four-year-old girl).

Ankur was a sincere and caring human, full of energy and new ideas. For those who remember him from DA-IICT days, he was always immaculately dressed in neatly pressed shirts. This was a funny sight in the college hostel where half the guys couldn't differentiate between a vest and a t-shirt. After finishing his studies at DAIICT in 2006, he joined a software firm in Bangalore and later took up a Research Assistant role at IIIT Hyderabad. Ankur was ambitious and hard-working, and he was looking forward to a successful professional career. He valued his personal life and was happily married. For those who were in touch with him over the last few years of this life, can say without a doubt, that he was a very loving father and a caring husband. However, times like these make us realize that none of us are immune to depression, and neither was Ankur. A few months ago, he wrote ‘It’s really a fresh start for me. I’m very grateful to Almighty’ - he was trying hard for a new start to life and was making progress to overcome depression.

We are in touch with his family, understandably they are in a state of grief and shock. The family, based in Allahabad will appreciate financial help. As fellow DAIICTians and friends, we are trying to help raise funds for his family's sustenance.

We are hoping to raise about 15 lacs from known friends and alumni.


Use of funds: We will be sharing an amount upto 3 lacs directly with Neha for immediate expenses for the next few months. Amount above 3 lacs will be deposited in an FD in her name and she will receive monthly interest for sustenance and raising the children. 

Please donate generously, it will go a long way in ensuring a secure future for his wife and children.

For queries or concerns, please reach out to either of the following:

Siddhartha Arora - , Nimesh Gupta -, Jaideep Dhok -, Ankit Vashishtha -, Vivek Pabari -, Bhavesh Manglani -



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