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Without Funds, My Son’s Infection Will Spread & His Leg Will Be Amputated






Manjunath R

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My 2-year-old son Gokul is in the ICU since the last 7 days. Before this, my son just didn’t know how to stay quiet. We’re so used to seeing him running around the house, the sight of him lying quietly on the hospital bed is heartbreaking, I hope no parent sees their child like this.

Gokul is suffering from Septic Shock and Renal Failure. His kidneys have failed. He has already undergone one surgery and is on constant dialysis to fight the toxins taking over his body. Now, he needs to be under constant observation to make sure that the infection does not spread to other organs of his body. The treatment and time spent in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive care unit) is very expensive and we have already paid Rs. 6 lakh for it. The surgery alone costed us Rs. 1.4 lakh. Above that, there is the per day cost for his treatment which includes medicines, consultations, dialysis, and PICU charges. The bill amount is only increasing and I am struggling to raise another Rs. 6 lakh for Gokul’s treatment. Knowing your son's life depends on a treatment that's beyond your financial capability is a terrifying feeling. If I don't raise the amount soon, I may lose him. I'm not ready for that, I will never be.

I am originally from Tumkur but moved to Bengaluru for work about 7 years ago. I work as a contract workman and earn Rs. 12,000 a month. This is just enough to pay my older son’s school fees, cover the rent and run the household. In the past week, since Gokul’s diagnosis, we’ve put every single penny in Gokul’s treatment. Nothing matters more to us than his well being. We have exhausted our savings, we even took a loan to pay for his treatment. I have no other means of raising the money needed for my son’s treatment anymore. I just don’t know what to do.

The first sign of the problem was when Gokul developed an infection in his right leg. It did not look like much from the outside but soon he started complaining about pain and ran a high fever. He also started experiencing repeated vomiting and loose motion. We could not understand what was happening and we took him to Indira Gandhi Hospital. It was there that they told us about just how serious the problem actually was. They could not treat him there and we had to bring him to Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Our lives have never been the same since that day.

When we admitted him, his body was in septic shock. His kidneys were not working and toxins had spread throughout his body. All his organs were slowly shutting down. At one point, we thought we had already lost him. They started him on dialysis immediately and even performed an operation on his leg to determine the extent of the infection. The infection has rendered the tips of his fingers and his are toes almost dead. They are constantly treating him to salvage what they can but if he does not recover soon, they might need to remove all his digits. In order to stop the infection from spreading to his organs, they might have to amputate his leg too. I cannot believe this is what it has come to, all of a sudden, how will my son adapt to a life without legs and fingers? How will we even face him?

My son is a true fighter, he has been fighting and winning against the bleakest of odds. The doctors have warned us about his dire condition and we are always worried that it might get worse. Gokul has not given up though, he is constantly surprising us. They said that he probably won’t make it through the first day but it has been a week now and he is still going strong. He only needs a little help from you to truly beat this disease. Please donate to our fundraiser so that Gokul can emerge victorious. Help me save my little boy’s life.


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