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Helpless Mother Needs Rs. 4.8 Lakh To Fix Two Big Holes In Her Baby’s Heart

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Neelam Maravi

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On the day when I was supposed to be the happiest - the day my first child was born, the doctor came up with a devastating news - “Your baby has two big holes in her heart and her life is at risk.” I didn’t know how to react to this statement because deep down, I was devastated. After just entering this world, she has to undergo pain. Since then, my daughter's cries haven’t been just for milk but every time she feels pain. As her mother, all I do is helplessly watch her suffer as I don’t have Rs. 4.8 lakh for her heart surgery.

Today, my daughter Khushi isn’t normal like other children. She struggles to breathe because of which she was shifted to the ICU for oxygen support. She is underweight as she’s just 2 kgs and her ideal weight should be more than 3 kgs. Her fevers are endless. The reason our daughter has to go through this pain is because of our inability to pay. If we had the money, our daughter would’ve been with us playing at home today. 

My name is Neelam Maravi. I am heartbroken as I’ve hardly seen my child since birth. She’s in the ICU fighting for life. I used to work as an artificial jewelry maker for a daily wage of Rs. 220 to fend for my family, however, I had to stop. I live in the hospital today to take care of my child. My father and brother have supported me by helping me pay Rs. 45,000 for the treatment bills, however, I need an unaffordable Rs. 4.8 lakh for the operation now. My family has been going to various trusts to get funds for the operation, however their efforts are failing. We all are failing to save our child, please help us. 

The cost of medicating my daughter is a whopping Rs. 6,000 per month. She was in the hospital for 25 days earlier, however I had to take her home as we were failing to support her further treatment. I wish to work and support her treatment, however there’s no way through which we can afford such an expensive surgery. I’ve never managed to make any savings as we end up spending everything on our basic needs. 

Before her birth, I had dreamt of giving her the best education so that she does something big in her life. However, all these hopes that I had once seen are starting to fade. She is surrounded by machines and pipes around her tiny body. Though I’ve never seen her get injections, every time I visit her, she has a painful prick in her hand. My daughter’s pain goes unsaid as I’m hardly around her and it’s very difficult to imagine what she must be going through. I request everyone on the internet to please help our baby by donating as we’re in desperate need of funds. 

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