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HELP 22 year old Kiran who met with an ACCIDENT -

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Help Kiran and his family to overcome severe financial burden due to a ROAD ACCIDENT





Kannan  Sundararajan
  • Final update & contributions summary

    by Kannan Sundararajan on November, 18 2016



    Dear Supporters,

    I'm extremely happy to announce that all the contributions raised in has been finally deposited in Mr. Lingaiah's (Kiran's Dad) bank account.  There was some delay in getting the final USD contributions settled but this is sorted now. has obliged to my request to reduce the % fees and this has resulted in additional money going towards Kiran's treatment.

    I've been talking to Kiran almost every day and he is recovering well.  I was so happy to receive a personal note from Kiran yesterday which I would like to share with you all.

    I'd like to provide the complete summary of the contributions below received from different sources.  I'm a happy soul and glad to say that through the campaign we together raised INR 5,68,367.32 (USD 8,874.18) net of all the commission / transaction fees paid to against the campaign target of INR 5,00,000/-.

    I would like to personally thank all of you for showering your kindness in raising the spirit of Kiran's family.  It was a tremendous and a very positive experience for me since the last one month.  I have been blessed to have all your support and also thankful to the God for providing me the courage and confidence to drive this.  This campaign wouldn't have been a success without each one of your support and encouragements.

    Please find the link to all the contributors.

    Humble request: Please connect with me to learn more about SahayaLRTS initiatives including first-aid & CPR training or the #424242running campaign (20 out of 42 consecutive campaign marathon runs are completed as of this week).  Do take the sincere initiative to learn first-aid and CPR through training (this can't be anoption.  You can contact me anytime to organize this training for your family, friends, housing community, colleagues and extended network of people.

    This will be my final update regarding this campaign and please continue to keep Kiran in your prayers for his good health and a bright future.

    I'm walking away with complete satisfaction and immense happiness.

    Be Safe! Be there to Save!

    Cheers - Kannan (Kay) Sundararajan (

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  • Contributions transfer status to Kiran's family

    by Kannan Sundararajan on November, 07 2016



    Dear Supporters,

    Thank you so much for all those are keeping Kiran in your prayers.  Iwent to Kiran's home to meet him on 1-Nov and he is recovering well under the loving care of his family members.  Since his discharge, he visited the hospital twice to review the progress with the doctors (including one today).  The doctors were positive to remove the stitches today and it looks like it is now postponed to next week since the healing process is still on.  Kiran is still unable to stand but has started moving his leg and toes a little bit as advised by his physiotherapists.  

    Payment details

    Ketto has already made a part payment of approx. Rs. 3,32,000/- (INR contributions) and the USD payment is expected to be cleared today - the final report from is awaited.  Which I'll be sharing with you.

    In addition to that I've made a transfer to Kiran's Dad INR 89,300/- from my personal account today for all the money I've raised through direct cash contributions from various supporters outside of

    I'll continue to update to you and also provide a final update regarding the contributions after the last payment from is done.

    Be Safe! Be there to Safe!


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About the Fundraiser


Kiran, a 22 year old M.Com-1st year student from CMR institute of Management Studies, was a victim of a freak road accident on the Domlur Flyover today morning. This happened when one side of the flyover was used by Bengaluru Marathon event runners and the other side was thrown open for a two way traffic leading to chaos and confusion. Kiran was driving his bike (he was wearing a helmet) and was suddenly hit by a tempo vehicle.  Very unfortunately, his right lower leg was smashed under the mini truck (carrying gas cylinder) wheels. He also sustained head injuries (his helmet visor pierced through his forehead) and miraculously the injury wasn't a major one. He also is left with fractured fingers.  He was rushed to Manipal hospital within minutes and attended by the emergency staff.  

My name is Kannan Sundararajan, I was an emergency responder and I helped to shift Kiran to the Emergency Room in an Ambulance to the Manipal Hospital in Domlur road, Bangalore. It was humbling to see so many bystanders making an attempt to help Kiran.  I spent those tense 10 minutes in the Ambulance with Kiran and I can tell you that Kiran is a young man with very big dreams. Kiran's ambition is to become an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer one day. He is extremely worried about his leg, ability to move around and also about his future. The emergency room expense alone was around Rs. 30,000/- and Kiran is scheduled to undergo a major plastic surgery to reconstruct the shattered leg. The hospital has already quoted Indian Rupees 4,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- (6000 to 7500 USD) for the surgery.  The rehabilitation expenses are unknown at this time. This accident also is going to put him off from his upcoming semester exams. His Dad is a school clerk and the entire family is devastated by this unfortunate incident. They don't have any other earning member to support and only a week before the family had incurred medical expenses to treat Kiran's mother for Dengue. They don't have any personal insurance for support and this unfortunate situation has put their family in a deep financial burden.

My humble request;

Please help Kiran to deal with this crucial surgery to reconstruct his legs and see him walk again.

Please help Kiran's family to overcome this unexpected financial burden.

Please help Kiran to achieve his dreams of becoming an IAS officer

Join me and together "Let's Raise the Spirits" of Kiran's family!

When you share this page in a social media, please use the hashtag #helpkirantoday on your posts.  Also, kindly share this with your colleagues, friends and extended family members.

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