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Need funds to help underprivileged Thalassaemic children

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Help Mrs Sujata Raikar to raise funds for underprivileged Thalassaemic children






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Sujata Raikar’s crusade against Thalassaemia made a modest beginning about a decade back. A core housewife, when suddenly came face to face with Thalassaemic child, her heart was filled with compassion. The compassion to do something for the unfortunate kids, turned into passion to serve them. 

Initially with the help of family and friends she raised funds to provide medical assistance to the ailing children of economically weak families. A humble mission gradually picked up as more and more families seeking help sought refuge under her fold.

With the increase in the number of children requiring medical assistance and paucity of resources/ fund, Ms. Raikar felt the need to get more organised and this led the formation of a trust in 2012. A trust was formed and registered in the name of “SUPPORT AND AID FOR THALASSAEMIA HEALING” briefly known as SAATH.

Thalassaemia Major is a genetic blood disorder. Blood transfusion every 15 days for life, is the only solution to keep thalassaemic children alive. These life long frequent blood transfusions have side effects which have to be taken care of by a fixed daily dosage of medicines and periodic medical tests. Along with this, due to the lack of awareness about thalassemia, the kids face alot of social stigma.

Lack of funds further adds to the severity of their problems. Due to this, Thalassaemia which can otherwise be maintained, becomes fatal. Parents fight for the life of their kids with every resource they have often selling their homes and jewelry but to no avail. As there is no permanent cure, the need for funds is constant leaving them helpless. When SAATH holds the hand of such parents and takes up complete responsibility of their kids treatment, it is a very emotional, life-changing moment in their lives. It gives both the parents and the children hope for the future and instill them with determination to live their lives to the fullest.

SAATH is committed to 90 such parents and has taken lifelong responsibility of covering the full medical expense of their children. But there are many more looking at us with hope. Saying no is very painful. Friends please help us to help these children. Together we can give them a life closest to normal. We can remove the fear of death and make them confident by being their support. These children needs you!

According to our rough estimate there are more than 10,000 children in Mumbai alone suffering from the disorder and seek help for their survival. Today SAATH takes care of 90 children.  With divine grace and support of family and friends the children are doing fairly well both at home and at school.

We are incurring approximately Rs.4,000/- per month per child. The yearly expenses of 90 children are about Rs.43,20,000/-. However as the child grows the expenditure on treatment increases. With the limited budget we are unable to adopt more children.

List of regular medicines :                                    






Folvit .....


Regular tests:

Ferettin level

T3 T4

Dexa scan 

Cardiac MRI.....

Adoption of lifelong medical expense of Children: -

Verification of the child’s background and parent’s standard of living is done by visiting the homes and talking to social worker of the hospital. The doctor’s recommendation of the child, the extent of ailment and duration of treatment is ascertained. The information collected for each individual child is placed on record.

Some other factors / parameters are considered and verified before a child is finally adopted for medical assistance.

Everyday 10am to 1pm the children along with their parents come to Sujata Raikar's residence to take monthly medicines, share their problems and leave happier and motivated. She operates from home as her husband and she have decided to use every single rupee of donation for the medicines and all the administrative cost is borne by them personally. This they are maintaining as CULTURE OF THE TRUST.

Finally we believe in, Charity with dignity.

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Fb page -

Transfer funds directly to the bank account of this fundraiser:

Account Number : 6999413500050406 Account Name : SAATH TRUST Account Type : Current Account IFSC Code : YESB0CMSNOC

Note: Only INR transfers are allowed.
Once you have made the transfer, please visit to receive payment acknowledgement.
  • Heart felt words from one of the Saath children

    by SAATH TRUST on March, 21 2018



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  • Dear supporters. We at SAATH TRUST are indeed very grateful to you all for sharing your concern with us for the patients combating Thalassaemia Major effectively. I am really touched . Though we have

    by SAATH TRUST on March, 09 2018



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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