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Vrinda Motasha

About the Fundraiser


My name is Tobler, a golden retriever and I have just turned twelve today !!

Wooohooo !!!

To mark this very special occasion, I plan to revisit my fundraising efforts from last year. On my eleventh birthday I successfully raised Rs. 11,000 towards sterilization of 11 stray dogs, and this year I have raised my goal to Rs 51,000. The money will be forwarded to 'World For All Animal Care & Adoptions' a Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation, that has revolutionised the model of stray adoptions, rescue and sterilization. Widespread sterilization programs have been pivotal in reducing pet overpopulation in the last few decades. Let's get together and promote it around our neighbourhood too.

As I reminisce about the past, I realize that I have been very fortunate to receive the best of everything in life: enough toys, lots of treats, fancy girlfriends and an abundance of love. These have truly been wondrous years. Having lived a wholesome and beautiful life, I now think it’s time for me to give back to society. Come paw forward and support my noble cause and help me spread happiness. I will be sure to give you one big slurrpy kiss later.

Why sterilization?

Sterilization helps keep stray dogs from breeding indiscriminately.  According to studies, it is calculated that a fertile dog can produce two litters of 6 to 10 pups each in a year; that means that the female and her offspring can, theoretically, produce 67,000 unwanted dogs over a span of six years !

About the NGO

'World For All Animal Care & Adoptions' is a Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation, that has revolutionised the model of stray animal adoptions. Apart from adoptions, the NGO also conducts rescues and sterilizations for the stray animals. The organization, with the dedication and constant effort of a lot of people, has successfully cared for thousands of animals in need, rehabilitating them and enabling them to lead better lives. Thanks to the passion and love of amazing people who are part of our family, many dogs and cats have a brighter and happier future.

For more information on my campaign, mail my guardian at

Thank You!

  • The Wagging Tails are back!

    by World For All Animal Care & Adoptions on April, 05 2017



    Hi guys!

    Thank you for your past support towards our furry little friends.  All your contributions have been extremely helpful in looking after the well-being of our 4-legged friends.
    This sunday, we’d like you’ll to join us for a fun filled Fitness Dance Party at Zoobar. The entry is only 600 INR and all the proceeds will be used for projects such as Adoptions, Rescues and Sterilizations amongst many others. The event will comprise of 120 minutes of Zumba, Bokwa and Masala Bhangra. To know more, visit
    Incase you can't make it this sunday, you could still help out by contributing or by simply sharing the fundraiser all over social media.
    Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.

    Team World For All

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!


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    This campaign has ended!

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