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Vasu needs your help.

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Acid attacks are no longer a women centric crime.





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Vasu was attacked with acid 8 years ago. One can never explain why bad things happen to good people and his case is a prime example of just that.


Vasu hails from a small village called Proddatur in Andhra Pradesh. Vasu’s only fault was that he tried to help one of his batch mates who was forced into an abusive marriage. He would counsel her and try to help her through her ordeal when even her own family refused to help her. The girl was in complete misery and because Vasu had a good heart he would try to help her and in return he was attacked with acid by her family. They said they warned him.


Till date Vasu hasn’t so much as filed an FIR against them in order to protect the girl. Vasu and his younger sister are orphans and before the attack his sister was happily married to someone in the village itself. After the attack, the sisters husband threw her out of the house fearing social stigma and remarried. Vasu’s sister is the only one who takes care of him now and since he was blinded in the attack, he is now dependent on her low income in order to survive. He can’t so much as afford crucial surgeries that he needs. We are fundraising to put Vasu through a bunch of checkups in Hyderabad and Chennai and a few future surgeries.


Acid attacks are no longer a women centric crime. Acid is being used a weapon and men, women, children and even animals are not spared. Vasu needs your help.

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    by Make Love Not Scars on May, 11 2017



    In Indian society, domestic abuse is not something unheard of. In fact, it is fairly common with as many as 22% women in India reporting physical domestic abuse according to a report. Anju, one of our survivors here was also a victim of the same and was attacked with kerosene oil by her in-laws.

    Please help us in raising funds for her surgery here - and share our post to help us reach out to more people.

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    by Make Love Not Scars on April, 24 2017



    Please help us raise funds for Anju who was constantly beaten, threatened and abused by her alcoholic husband and his family. One day, her sister-in-law attacked her with KEROSENE OIL and she is now suffering from brutal burns.

    This mother of 3 deserves a second chance at life and it's time for us to come together for this incredible family because her family failed her.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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