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Funds for Joy! Holi Parties for special children

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Support us in celebrating the festival of colors with children not as privileged as we all are in a safe, fun-filled way





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About the Fundraiser

Holi is a festival of colours, joy and togetherness! This beautiful occasion creates special memories that bring people together. Yet, there are several children who don’t get to celebrate this festival in a safe and fun filled way. The Holi Hearts parties are a part of eCoexist’s initiative to create a Natural Holi where we invite you to come and celebrate this holiday with children who may not be as privileged as we all are.


Picture: Holi celebration with visually impaired children at the Pune Home for Blind girls


About Us

The eCoexist Foundation, set up in 2017, is built on a decade’s work done by the eCoexist team. Since 2004, eCoexist has been campaigning for a safe and natural Holi while also producing completely natural Holi colours in collaboration with women farmers, and self help groups. The colours are made out of turmeric and other natural ingredients; they are lab tested and comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules.This makes them safe to use, especially by children who may already be sensitive in other ways.

To make this festival of colors inclusive and enjoyable for all, eCoexist hosts Holi Hearts parties for special children (underprivileged/mentally challenged/physically challenged). We aim to host at least 2000 children in the Holi Hearts Parties 2018.


Picture: Holi with mentally challenged children at Nav Kshitij Foundation


Holi Hearts Parties

Holi Hearts parties are an initiative to include children, normally excluded in our joys, to celebrate Holi in a safe and natural Holi celebration. We include children who are physically, mentally challenged, children from slum communities, orphanages and adoption homes, children of migrant laborers, sex workers and children from economically weaker sections of society.

Holi is a festival to forget differences and it is nothing different for these children. They get the opportunity to let go of all inhibitions and feelings of limitations and play with colour and water, to touch and to be touched, to scream and shout if they can, gesticulate and run around if they can. If in addition, the children are allowed to play with other children, not normally form their sphere of experience, to touch them and laugh with them, this allows them an exchange which is normally difficult. For normal urban kids, it also creates a beautiful way to learn to share with those who are less privileged and to think beyond their own comfort zones.

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of children from Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Blind Boys School, Blind Girls School, Vidya Jyoti School, NavKshitij Foundation for the mentally challenged, Maher Foundation, BSSK Orphanage, Doorstep School, Balwant Phadke School in Pune and Mumbai have been a part of our Holi Hearts parties.

We invite corporate groups and urban residents to sponsor the Holi hearts events and to also come and play Holi with these special children.



What we need

This year we aim to make Holi special for at least 2000 children from different organizations across Pune city. We have connected with-

Bal Kalyan Sanstha (recreation for children with various disabilities)- 150 children

Pune Home for the Blind Girls - 150 children

Maher Ashram (home for under priviledged children) - 350 children

Nav Kshitij (home for mentally challenged children) - 60 children

Vidya Jyoti School for Slow Learners - 150 children

We will keep adding to this list!

The cost for each child is Rs 200 (Rs 150 for colours) + Rs 50 for snacks) and we need to raise Rs 4, 00,000 to cover the costs of hosting these parties (including color, music, snacks and organization).


You can contribute for a few children or for a whole party. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a Holi Hearts Party or if you would like to volunteer for one of the events, please write to us at for more details.


To know more and see photos of our past events visit




Picture: Children of migrant construction workers at Tara Mobile Creche enjoying with colours


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