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The first and only Indian team among top 24 finalists to build the super-fast mode of transport, needs your help to win.





Team Hyperloop India

About the Fundraiser

India is the world’s fastest growing economy, yet our transport is a legacy of the colonial rule. Are you ready for India’s first new mode of transport in over a 100 years?

Imagine a world where you could travel between Chennai to Bengaluru in 30 minutes or Delhi to Mumbai in just 80 minutes. We are taking the first step towards making this a reality. The Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation system initially proposed by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is one of the most exciting technological propositions in recent history. To accelerate its development, SpaceX announced an open competition for student engineering teams to design their own Hyperloop pods to compete on a test track.

After almost a year of rigorous design reviews, Hyperloop India is the first and only team from India, and one of the two from Asia to be selected by SpaceX to build and race it’s pod alongside teams from colleges like Princeton, TU Munich and UT Austin. With our designs approved by SpaceX, we now need your support to successfully manufacture our Hyperloop pod to make safe, cost-effective, and efficient high-speed transit a reality.

We'd like you to join us on this journey to leapfrog Indian transport.


Cars. Trains. Planes. Ships. What’s next?

Introducing the Hyperloop, the fifth mode of transportation as proposed by Elon Musk. The Hyperloop would enable passengers to travel between cities at over 700 miles per hour, allowing the ability to live in one city and work in another. It uses a system of pods travelling in an evacuated tube using magnetic levitation, propelled via linear electric motors. 


The Hyperloop and India

The Mission 350 Plus initiative announced by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India in July 2016 is a bold step to slowly phase out the legacy infrastructure of the colonial rule in India, and introduce levitation based technology that can reach speeds of more than 350 kmph, in order to accommodate India’s growing infrastructure demands. The pod built by us will set a strong precedent for what can be done using magnetic levitation in India and will accelerate the goals of the Mission 350 plus initiative.



Our Story


30th January 2016, Kyle Field, College Station, Texas.

The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition in Texas in January 2016 is the largest collection of everyone - companies, industry professionals, academics, students - working on the Hyperloop, the proposed "fifth mode of transport"(after cars, planes, trains and ships) outlined in 2013 by the man behind SpaceX and Tesla - Elon Musk.

The valedictory ceremony is just coming to an end, and we were standing in the front row. The atmosphere is pregnant with anticipation. Suddenly, Elon Musk steps up on stage - and everyone collectively blows their minds. This man is driving technology to advance humanity – rocket company, electric vehicle company, solar power company - whatever sceptics have said can’t be done, Musk and his companies have gone out and made real.

And Musk says something during his speech that has sort of stuck for the longest time:

Back then there were no teams from India building a Hyperloop pod to race on SpaceX's vacuum test track (the 2nd largest vacuum chamber in the world, after the Large Hadron Collider). This was quite disappointing - a nation with one-fifths of the world's population should have at least one foot(out of 3 billion feet) in the door of what the world deemed the next transport revolution. India's transport problem is an obvious "sysadmin" issue - A legacy system from the colonial rule running the world's fastest growing economy. The Hyperloop, an evacuated tube transport system that used maglev to zip people and cargo at faster-than-airline speeds might sound decidedly crazy, but might be one possible solution - and it was a pity that no one here was trying to work on it! So we decided to at least start trying to do something about it. It took a lot of hard work, persistence and steep learning curves, but the team that originated then, Hyperloop India, finally pulled it off a year later - After multiple design reviews, our design was selected by SpaceX as the first and only design from India(and one of the two from Asia) to be manufactured and run on the test track. 

This is where you come in. With our designs approved by SpaceX, we now need your support to successfully manufacture our Hyperloop prototype pod. Your contribution creates an opportunity for you to advance Hyperloop technology in India and provides us the opportunity to show to the world what the best of engineering in India looks like. The complexity of this project places Hyperloop at the forefront of technology and innovation.


Hyperloop India in the Press




Who are We?

 Team Hyperloop India at Workbench Projects

Founded in 2015 by Sibesh Kar, a student of BITS Pilani, Team Hyperloop India is a multi-stakeholder consortium of volunteers & organisations interested in reinventing transportation in India. Originating in August 2015 as BITS Hyperloop, the only fully-funded Indian team among the 120 teams selected from all over the world to present their designs at the 2016 SpaceX Design Weekend, Hyperloop India has now expanded to constitute students and faculty from the top engineering and business schools of the country—namely BITS Pilani, Indian School of Business, IIM-Ahmedabad, NID, NSIT, RVCE—consulting with transportation, logistics, infrastructure and data experts from organizations like Hyperloop One, RITES & NITI Aayog. As a primarily student collaboration, our plan is to leverage our performance in global incentive prize competitions to create a nationalistic competitive impulse to bring high-speed transport systems like the Hyperloop to the country.

Hyperloop India team is glad to have the mentorship and backing of Hyperloop One, the U.S. based company working on commercialising the full-scale Hyperloop. We have signed up with Workbench Projects as our ‘Co-Creation Partner’ for associations with government bodies, corporate houses, and key individuals which will serve as a catalyst for this project. We have also associated with Ripple Group (a part of Peenya Industries Association) as our “Manufacturing Partner”, to manufacture and machine all our mechanical designs and components for the pod.


Introducing OrcaPod

The OrcaPod is Team Hyperloop India’s entry to the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition II. It promises to be India’s first indigenously built safe, feasible, Hyperloop pod prototype designed to be tested and raced on the Hyperloop test track built by SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. While designing the Orca Pod, the challenges of the full-scale Hyperloop in India were considered central to the design philosophy, and a top-down approach was taken to best demonstrate the core functionalities of the full-scale model at the competition scale. The salient features of the Orca Pod include:

1.Scalable design to account for future intermodal passenger/cargo transport and bi-directionality.

2.Nose opening mechanism for quicker loading and unloading of passenger/cargo modules.

3.Symmetric aerodynamic design offering low drag at target velocities of 140m/s and pressures of 860 Pa (0.125psi).

4.Light aluminium hull and optimized structural space frame to increase ease of manufacturing while maintaining the strength.

5.Fail safe contactless eddy braking system offering a maximum of 1g normal and 2.2g emergency braking force.

6.Lateral stability system to keep the pod straight as it goes down the Hyperloop test track.

7.Modular, scalable and deployable permanent magnet based levitation module design offering L/D ratio of 8.6 at a speed of 60 m/s and negligible drag at
low speeds.

8.A distributed network that reduces the risk of single point failures. It makes implementation easier and facilitates fault detection and isolation.

9.Batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry. Smaller low power batteries are used for low voltage systems.

The team intends to design, build, test and race a scaled down proof-of-concept implementation of these core functionalities on the SpaceX Hyperloop Test track in 2017.


India has long been known as a hub of the services industry, and not by our ability to develop unique products. By helping to fund the construction of our pod you’ll not only be shaping the future of transportation but also helping us set a precedent as to what can and can’t be done in India from scratch, by a bunch of students, in a little more than a year. Join us in this journey of collaboration and innovation

We’re offering a huge range of perks:


  • Exclusive Preview of the OrcaPod in the Making

    by Team Hyperloop India on July, 29 2017



    Nearing the end of the OrcaPod build, we are super-excited to share glimpses of what has been brewing the past couple of weeks. We could not have come this far without your generous support. Today, our engineering team took some time out from their busy timeline to share with everyone, a sneak peek to the making of India’s first Hyperloop pod prototype. Here are some updates on how far we have progressed:

    Structures- The entire cylindrical portion of our structures as well as our levitation and braking understructure are ready and are waiting to be assembled. Have a look at our braking and levitation understructure and I rims for the cylindrical section.

    Magnets- The pod’s levitation and braking systems functions because of extremely powerful neodymium magnets. These magnets are arranged in a particular configuration called the Halbach Array. The Levitation and Braking team are currently busy working on making arrangements for this assembly.  

    Extremely Powerful neodymium magnets of large dimension to be used in the Levitation System

    Holes being drilled on Braking Magnets’ holder before the Halbach Array assembly

    Wheel Assembly- This one of the most unique feature of the OrcaPod. The wheel assembly has been designed in such a way that it can vary the height of Levitation by deploying or retracting the wheels, thereby overcoming a peak drag force characteristic to the Levitation system.

    OrcaPod’s unique Deployable Levitation System

    Electrical/ Electronics- Vacuum tests are underway where we keep our components in vacuum and ensure that they function seamlessly. This is extremely crucial as the actual Hyperloop will have to function in partial vacuum conditions.

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  • We're live!

    by Team Hyperloop India on July, 06 2017



    Hey guys!

    We're live on Ketto's Facebook page. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on. Catch an exclusive sneak peek of the Orca Pod. Join us now.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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