ICB at the 2017 Chicago Improv Festival!

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ICB has been invited as the ONLY Improv troupe from India to perform at the Chicago Improv Festival!


raised of  4,50,000 goal




days to go

Improv Comedy Bangalore

About the Fundraiser

Who are we?

Improv Comedy Bangalore or ICB is a Bangalore based group that purely focuses on improv as a performance art as well as a tool to transform lives, off-stage. Our inception can be traced back to June 2015, when the earliest members of the group, namely; Abhishek Desai, Rohit Nair and Nasir Engineer came together, united by the eagerness to carve a path for improv in it's true form, in Bangalore. Madhu Shukla, soon joined us a few months later. Now, in 2017, we are a 12 member strong performance troupe, mixed with people of varied professions and some college students. 

Together as a troupe, we have more than 30 public shows under our belt in Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai and 4 corporate shows/ workshops for companies such as TE Connectivity, Endurance International, Infosys and Globus Travel.

The Team : 

When it comes to each improviser individually, particularly the 4 who are heading to the Chicago Improv Festival from the group (Rohit, Nasir, Abhishek and Madhu), they add up to 20 years of experience in theatre/ improv.

Why are we doing this :

The very idea of being invited by an internationally renowned improv festival, is incredible. Not just that, it is in the United States, the Holy Grail of improv. This gives us the opportunity to discover improv by watching and learning from international performers. India is still an infant in the improv map of the world and we want to go there and show them that WE, as a nation of hidden talents, are ready to rock. Furthermore, at the festival, we get to grasp newer techniques, ideas and quality learnings which we will bring back home and extend to everyone who wants to sincerely do Improv. At the end of the day, this will enable us to grow a community of quality performers AND transform the lives of those who stick with us.

Why your contribution matters :

Every person who contributes to our journey to the Chicago Improv Festival, will, in the long run, be supporting the REAL JOURNEY of ICB's vision. Our vision is to establish an Improv school in India that embarks to revolutionize thought and nurture a culture of Improv in every mode of life.

What we need : 

We require a total of  4.5 lakhs , for all 3 of us, leading up to AND the 10 days of the festival spent in Chicago. This is breakdown of it: 


Other Ways You Can Help:

Improv Wars - ICB VS ICM hosted by Sumukhi Suresh is a special fund-raiser show lined up to support our trip to Chicago. You can buy tickets for the same in the link below:


Also, spread noise about this campaign amidst your friends, family and community by sharing it on Facebook, twitter & Instagram or by word of mouth! You can also use the  share tools!

Thank you!


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