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About the Fundraiser

Help Accelerate the fight against hunger in India.  Join us to help feed daily fresh meals to over 10,000.

We need your help as every contribution, no matter how small of big, helps us in our mission to serve daily fresh meals to the most vulnerable around us. To make it easier for you to help us we have started our Ketto Fundraiser. Join our Ketto Fundraiser for the fight against hunger and malnutrition.  


Hunger kills more people every year than AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Individually we are doing our bit, but if we join hands we can do wonders and create a real, measurable impact. Become a FoodAngel at our “Monthly Giving Club” and experience the joy of giving. Each penny donated helps in feeding nutritious meals to over 10000 individuals and more, every single day.


We have served over 4.2 Million Meals fed and serving thousands daily. Each rupee you contribute helps us to raise an additional ten rupees in food donations. If you donate INR 5,000 we create a value of INR 50,000 in meals provided.


You can enroll online and donate through card, or send personal cheques. To plan and ensure your monthly giving use your bank’s online bill-pay to establish a monthly recurring transaction.


Choose how you donate, when you donate, how much you donate. Just do it on monthly basis. Your consistent support is vital to our continued success and to eliminate hunger in our community.


Help Accelerate the fight against hunger in India 




We connect daily fress meals with those who need it the most every day in a sustained, systematic process to fight hunger and malnutrition in Delhi NCR Region, India. We are presently feeding over 10,000 meals daily across Delhi, Gurgaon, and other NCR Regions for children, destitute and old age homes.


Why: We believe food is the foundation for healthy learning lives and lack of nutrition hinders the potential. We are feeding over 10,000 fresh meals daily to those who need it the most. We need your help now as individuals and companies to further strengthen the capabilities of those you help serve.


What your contributions will help towards ensuring that daily meals are provided and we are able to have a stock of food to feed daily. Each rupee you contribute helps us to raise an additional ten rupees in food donations. If you donate ?5,000 we create a value of ?50,000 in meals provided with generous support of our In Kind Supporters. A 10x Value with each contribution you make.


Join the India Food Angels Network (IFAN) by donating an amount that will help feed daily fresh meals to those who need it the most.


You can join the Fight against Hunger and Malnutrition as a FoodAngel. Sponsorship of a child will create the joy for life.  


Its just ?625 to help feed a months meals for a child. A small contribution from you helps feed meals for a whole month for someone who needs it the most.


Reach out to us at : 981 000 7524 or 9910737524 or Email us at for anything more we can help with.


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