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Ultimate Frisbee is a mixed-gender action team sport, much like football, but with a plastic disc, that’s rapidly growing in India. Known for its high level of sportsmanship and athleticism, “ultimate” is unique for being non-contact and self-refereed. India is planning to send a diverse and talented group of athletes that will compete at the World Beach Ultimate Frisbee Championships in June, 2017 at Royan, France.  


Meet the incredibly spirited national team of India!

The team is an eclectic mix of athletes from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds: school and college students, sports coaches, consultants, a fitness trainer, a doctor, a pair of bank clerks, an accountant, a non-profit consultant, a couple of IT professionals, a journalist, and a photojournalist! The team of 15 players and 5 alternate athletes was selected from 300 candidates: 10 women and 10 men chosen for their skill, commitment, and sportsmanship. We are working hard to raise funds and we are closing in on the halfway mark of our estimated budget. 

We need your support ...

Hope you can lend us your support to give all our players an equal opportunity to participate in the tournament regardless of their background. Thank you in advance!




Ultimate Frisbee: is a self-refereed, 7 on 7 action sport (like football, but with a plastic disc) - known for its ‘spirit of the game’. It is a non-contact, mixed gender sport.  

Spirit of the Game (SOTG): The sport places the onus of fair play on each player, thus, nullifying the need for a referee. SOTG is a detailed and structured definition of sportsmanship.

Gender Ratio: On grass, every team of 7 must have a gender ratio of 4:3. In the smaller beach version, a team of 5 must have a gender ratio of 3:2.

Nuts and Bolts: The field is about the same length as a football field, but narrower. There is an end zone for each team to defend. The disc is progressed by catching and passing it to a teammate. Players cannot run with the disc. A team scores a goal if one of their players catches the disc in the opponent’s end zone.


    by India Mixed 2017 on May, 26 2017



    Thanks to our supporters and corporates we have reached 55% of our target. With only 10 days left here is how you can help: 

    1) Tag 3 friends of yours in the comments below.

    2) They can choose to donate and/or tag 3 friends in return.

    3) Donate here:

    With few days left to the end of this campaign, we need your help in moving the ticker towards our goal. 

    Let's see how far and wide we can reach.

    Leave us some encouraging words. =)


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  • Team India Mixed WCBU '17 - Here’s where we're at!

    by India Mixed 2017 on May, 02 2017



    Thank you so much for helping us reach 11% of our target! We are so grateful to you for viewing, supporting and sharing this campaign on your social media profiles.

    So far we have managed to raise INR 170,000 through our own team fundraising. A Hyderabad-based software company is supporting us with a further INR 200,000. This combined with what we have raised here on Ketto puts us at INR 470,000.

    While we are humbled by the support we have received thus far, we are not able to meet our first and largest expense - flight tickets. Flight tickets are INR 45,000 per player, or INR 675,000 for the whole team.

    Please help us close the gap to being able to book our flight tickets this week by sharing this campaign as widely as you can! We ask that after you view our page, you also share and tag three of your friends to help us spread the word. This will go a long way for us to reach France!

    Thank you again for your support!

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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