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If transactions could be made using hard work and passion, believe us, we would not need a dime. Fuel our passion here!


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About the Fundraiser

Who are we?

We are Inspired Karters, a Formula Student and BAJA team from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. We design, manufacture, and test a Formula-Style race car and an All - Terrain Vehicle. To do this, the team is required to have a fundamental knowledge of the theoretical aspects of engineering necessary to build any machine. But what is more important is the innovation and the practicality that goes into making these monsters roar down the track. With 80+ steadfast members and fire in our hearts, we are all set for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is an engineering design competition which sees a participation of more than 500 student teams from universities all over the world. Each student team designs, fabricates and tests a prototype based on a series of rules, whose purpose is both ensuring on-track safety (the cars are driven by the students themselves) and promoting clever problem-solving The event consists of Static and Dynamic events. The static events include Business Plan Presentation, Design Report and Cost Report analysis and, if the car clears the scrutiny, the team can participate in Dynamic Events which include Skidpad, Acceleration, Autocross and Endurance.

What is BAJA SAE?

The goal in Baja SAE racing is to design, build and race off-road vehicles that can withstand the harshest elements of rough terrain. There are multiple dynamic events, usually four per event, as well as a single four-hour endurance race. The dynamic events include hill climbs, sled pulls, maneuverability events, rock crawls, and suspension & traction events. Static events, such as written reports, presentations and design evaluations are provided by participating teams. This is when the teams are judged on ergonomics, functionality, and producibility of their cars; ensuring that the final placement of the team does not rest solely on the vehicle's performance but rather on a combination of static and dynamic events.

Why Crowdfunding? 

The event we participate in requires us to build a new vehicle from scratch year-after-year and seek sponsorship and donations by our own means to fund the project. If transactions could be made using hard work and passion, believe us, we would not need a dime. But unfortunately, the project and vision we have require investment that we as students cannot fulfill without help from our sponsors and generous patrons like you. Your contribution can fuel our dreams and help us bring laurels to this prestigious university, and to the country itself.

Our Budget

The annual budget of Formula Student and BAJA teams are as follows:-

How your contributions will be used?

Our current BAJA and FS cars have made a lot of changes in their designs and to achieve that goal your contribution is crucial for us, and we plan to use it in the following way: 

Breakup of BAJA expenses:-

DAQ System - Rs. 35,000

Customised Gear Box - Rs. 65,000

Personalized Hammock Seat - Rs. 15,000

Customised rotors and hubs - Rs. 35,000

Breakup of FS expenses:-

Custom Data Aquisition System:- Rs. 45,000

Full Body Aerodynamic Package:- Rs. 60,000 

Custom Rims:- Rs. 55,000


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