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Our production Jalika has been selected for Almada festival in Portugal. Please help us raise funds for the same .


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About the Fundraiser

This company was started by Tino Sanchez and Peeya Rai Choudhury in 2013 with a simple dream of giving an opportunity to young Indian artists to explore and realize their full potential . Since then it has been a long journey of perseverance , patience and hard work . The company consists of  8 unique artists from all over India. They are trained in various skill sets and lead a very disciplined life.

short documentary about Omaggio : https://vimeo.com/206435912

About the project:

 This project focuses on bringing awareness towards the society that we are living in and how it has blurred the line between identifying our true selves and the image that we portray. We aim at sparking a change in this digital world where we can use technology and not let it use us.

We are already touring within the country . With the selection of this project in the Almada festival in Portugal,  we aim at spreading this message across the world.

What JALIKA means:

‘Jalika’ is a Sanskrit term meaning a veil, a web , a net and it symbolizes the very essence of our production.

Trailer of Jalika:https://vimeo.com/250644689


Inspiration Behind the project:

We realized that social media has become such an intrinsic part of our lives that it is difficult to appreciate the imperfections within us . This has lead to a marked increase in various disorders like depression , anxiety , apathy etc especially amongst the youth .We felt an urgency to address the issue. Since the response of the Indian and International audiences of our first production “Playground” was overwhelming as they could personally connect to it, we wanted to go global with Jalika.

Why crowdfunding:

Since our production is portrayed through dance mime theatre with glimpses of aerial arts fused within contemporary movement we couldn’t find any non- classical government funding to support us. This lead us to turn towards crowdfunding.

 Also crowd funding would mean greater awareness for our project as it would inform more people about our cause.

How will the funds be used:

The funds we receive will go directly into taking our project to the next step. The funds we collect will go towards travelling ,accommodation and food.


What are the risks and challenges?

As a contemporary dance company from India , we face a lot of difficulties in getting any kind of support from the government . However , this has not stopped us from touring within the county . The directors of the company have put in their personal savings to keep the project running because the team is heavily invested in the project and deeply believes in the impact that it can create.

Why you should fund us ?

Without your support Jalika will remain restricted only to the Indian audiences. Also being selected solely on merit to perform in an artistic festival in Europe is a big opportunity for the Indian contemporary arts community. Losing out on a prestigious opportunity like this would be disheartening not only for the performers but also for the evolving contemporary art culture in India.




Funds manager


Funds manager


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