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Helping underprivileged kids at MTWT

Charity Children

These bright children need better learning amenities so that they can build their future through the dreams they create!





Vijayamadhav RS

About the Fundraiser


We met a big family and became a part of it in no time. It is a home like no other. The place rings with Mili's laughter, it shines with Daniel’s mischief. 


Mother Teresa welfare trust opens its doors to everyone, they bring back the hope in young naive eyes. It is a non-profit organisation which has been working tirelessly for the care and education of more than 30 young children from the age of 3 to 15. Started in 2010, the children at the NGO are orphans which are handed over by the district child welfare committee.

They are giving the kids they have taken in everything they can; a home, a new life filled with love and the greatest gift of all, 'education’. But they need us to stand with them. So, let’s come together and make a difference. 

Please help us in our cause, a small amount can make a huge difference. It can spread a thousand smiles.


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